UFO Sightings

What Would Happen If We Made Contact with Aliens/Extraterrestrials

Human beings have been fascinated by the existence of alien beings for decades. The number of UFO sightings and alien encounters has also increased significantly as more people are coming to realize that aliens do exist and that governments and non-classified scientists are involved in a wide-spread cover-up.

Author and direct experienced-based hidden truth researcher, R. Scott Lemriel’s own encounters with benevolent alien life-forms have revealed that humanity will soon get to know the truth about their existence and the cover-up will be exposed.

So what happens then? What happens when humanity is finally given the answer to questions they have been asking for so long? What happens when humanity makes contact with aliens?

Non-classified scientists have conducted some research on the matter and have learned the following:

The General Reaction Will Be Positive

Despite all the fear surrounding alien beings that comes from Pop culture, studies show that the majority of human beings will react positively to the existence of other advanced life-forms in the universe.

Alien Contact

Non-classified scientist Michael Varnum, along with his team of researchers carried out 3 studies that test human attitudes and emotions towards the existence of aliens.

The Study of Newspaper Articles:

In the first study, Varnum used special software to analyze three newspaper articles that discussed discoveries of potential alien life.  The software studied the language used in the article to determine whether the emotions, feelings and psychological reactions instigated by the articles were positive or negative.

The three articles discussed fossilized microbes of extraterrestrials, the dimming of Tabby’s Star and exoplanets that can possibly host other life-forms.

According to the software, all three articles conveyed positive messages and were written in a way that triggers excitement.

The Study of Human Attitudes:

In his second study, Michael Varnum asked 500 participants about how they think they would react to the confirmation of extraterrestrials, as well as how they think the rest of humanity may take the news.

Again, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The Study of Reactions to a New York Times Article:

In the final study, Varnum gathered 500 participants and asked them to respond to an article that was published in the New York Times. The participants were divided into two groups. One group was shown an article that discussed synthetic human life, while the other group talked about the meteorite from Mars that shows evidence of ancient microbial life.

To the researcher’s surprise, both groups responded positively to the articles.

Protocols Set By The International Academy of Astronauts

The non-classified scientist community actually has protocols in place that are meant to be followed once they find solid evidence that proves that extraterrestrials exist.

The protocols are put in place for anyone involved in the search for alien life forms. It was developed by the International Academy of Astronauts and they state:

  • Anyone who finds compelling evidence about the existence of aliens should share it with the rest of the world.
  • Anyone who finds proof of the existence of aliens should not attempt to contact them without getting an approval from other nations.

Extraterrestrial Contact

Note that these are just protocols; they can be broken without any consequences. If someone in the non-classified scientific community with the right technology and equipment does happen to stumble upon evidence, the classified community would obtain it and hide it away under the National Security Act established by former President Harry S. Truman in 1947. This backward kind of thing has taken place many times since the end of World War II but this too is changing now for the first time. The intentional misdirection of the truth has gone on for far too many years but it is beginning to change for the better and disclosure of the hidden truth about the existence of extraterrestrial life to the worldwide public, quite recently begun, is now underway.

Why Some Scientists Warn Against Contacting Aliens

Certain renowned non-classified scientists, including Stephen Hawking – who recently passed away – have warned humans from attempting to contact alien beings. Why? Because the subconscious terror they unknowingly carry effects their nervous systems in ways they do not consciously understand. It makes them quite incorrectly fear that making contact with extraterrestrials could lead to the annihilation of the planet.

Extraterrestrial Beings

Science, math and logic all suggest that extraterrestrials are much more technologically and intellectually smarter than human beings. Just as humans are inclined to exploit and hurt those that are weaker than them, powerful extraterrestrials may do the same with us. It is also quite clear – to anyone who really can think objectively and subjectively in a balanced non-fear based manner. So what or who has prevented the tyrant ET races from taking over Earth and enslaving the masses or killing us all outright?

Non-classified scientists claim that even if someone did decide to broadcast a message to aliens in the outer space, the message will take at least 4.2 light years to reach other life-forms because the only habitable exoplanet we know of (Proxima b) is 4.2 light years away.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

Unlike non-classified scientists, author and hidden truth researcher, R. Scott Lemriel has in fact made contact with aliens and he did so without the use of any advanced technology. Scott says that non-classified scientists aren’t aware of the truth of how humanity came to Earth in the first place. Had they known, they wouldn’t be so afraid of making contact with extraterrestrials beings – and they would know why tyrant extraterrestrials have been consistently prevented from taking over Earth to enslave humanity and take away the planet’s resources.

Aliens Have Always Been Around Humans

Scott says that extraterrestrials have always been around humans and that, in fact, no human being ever evolved on planet Earth in the first place. Every form of human being that lives on this world today was brought to this planet at one time or another over a far more ancient history than is even imagined by most people. That history going back 50 million years + after the dinosaurs were made extinct was wiped from our conscious  memories in ways we now do not recall and without our consent.

He states that humans were actually brought to Earth by both wondrous benevolent extraterrestrial beings – many of them human but not from Earth – or by smaller factions of malevolent or tyrant aliens, who brought captured humans to Earth to be used as slaves with their former higher consciousness suppressed. There are some non-terrestrial beings that live among us on Earth to this day, well protected from discovery, as they have in the ancient past.

The Existence of Alien Mega-structures

The existence of mega-structures on Earth such as The Pyramids and The Stonehenge support Scott’s narrative. Scientists and archaeologists haven’t been able to explain how such ancient civilizations built such complex mega-structures without the help of advanced technology and knowledge. Not only are these structures too sophisticated to be made by ancient civilizations, some also contain compelling evidence that suggest that they were interacting with aliens or non-terrestrial beings!

Alien Mega Structures

Other than the mysteries surrounding the creation of these ancient sites, throughout time people have shared stories of their own encounters with extraterrestrials and UFOs. Some even claim to have been abducted by aliens. However, that is no longer taking place on Earth according to direct experience-based author R. Scott Lemriel.

Scott shares his own exhilarating experiences with extraterrestrials in his books, The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (the amazing book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series). Both of Scott’s books mirror his inter-dimensional adventures and out-of-body experiences as well

He shares his knowledge of extraterrestrials beings and sheds light on the hidden truths of the Earth or rather the hidden truth regarding a far more ancient planet Earth, solar system, and galactic history that involved both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial races and what is taking place beyond Earth today in his books, developing short and feature developing short and full-length feature film projects, during his radio-TV show interview and through his unique consciousness door opening related music

To discover  the hidden truth about the existence of extraterrestrials, the true nature of the Atma or what people on Earth refer to as Soul, and what our true co-creative purpose is really all about, get your copies of Scott’s enlightening books online at trustworthy online retailers or through his uplifting enlightening primary website at: www.paralleltime.com. In his books, Scott also shares tips and techniques to help readers have enlightening safely protected contacts experiences with kind non-terrestrial beings, many of them human, and to induce fully conscious out-of-body experiences in order to have their own inter-dimensional travels! We either know with certainty what hidden truth really is or we remain in fearful doubt. True freewill is something everyone desires and it can be recovered, recalled or remembered, according to R. Scott Lemriel.