The Parallel Time Trilogy

(Synopsis – Book One)

THE EMERALD DOORWAY (Three Mystic Crystals)

     This is the fast-paced first epic adventure that secretly revolves around present day Earth.

     Journey with General Harry Faldwell (four-star Air Force General, and National Security Adviser to the President) as he reluctantly discovers that both benevolent and malevolent extra-terrestrial beings actually exist. Then he begins to profoundly experience the hidden history of Earth and our solar system.

     Harry meets Captain Kalem Starland, an human extraterrestrial officer in the space fleet of the Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance of Free Worlds. He soon learns about the existence of an ongoing battle to stop a very diabolic humanoid alien named Sen Dar from his unrelenting quest to capture the three mystic crystals of The Ancient One. If he succeeds and puts them together, they would give him absolute power over Earth, and then complete dominance over the galaxy.

     Behold the awakening of the impassioned love between Kalem and Mayleena. She is an exquisitely beautiful woman from the planet Ocean, who has subtle blue-hued skin and lovely pointed ears. Her highly evolved humanoid race evolved on a mostly water covered world with the ability to breath underwater or on land. Journey with them as they fight Sen Dar’s growing occult powers, while he continues to try to stop them from realizing their destiny to one day return to their true home in the far higher pure dimensional realm of The Ancient One.

     You will also meet their courageous dedicated friend, Etta, from the Dren race. This endearing three foot-long, smooth pale-green skinned extraterrestrial being is somewhat similar in appearance to a Salamander on Earth. However, he is not a lizard or anything like them. He has deep-blue bulbous eyes, a long jaw ending with flared nostrils, and dexterous hands and feet similar to a human. But unlike most humans, he can communicate telepathically or with vocal chords, and he has a flawless photographic memory. The Dren race is quite unique among all the other advanced extra-terrestrial races that exist in the known universe. This is true because they naturally evolved with the ability to defy gravity and fly through the air when their tails brilliantly glow with opalescent colors.

     Discover the secret order of ageless mystic Adepts, discretely known as Guardians of The Ancient One, who protect the people of Earth and its numerous hidden inter-dimensional parallel time doorways from tyrant extra-terrestrial domination or destruction.

     Explore this very unique, up-lifting razor-edged adventure to experience for yourself how all these elements are woven together today around each one of us, as we continue our journey through the ongoing phenomenal covert struggle for our planet’s survival.

R. S. Lemriel
© TXu 62 748
© PAu 835 230
(Library of Congress)

The Emerald Doorway By R. Scott Lemriel
Awaken What You Were Made To Forget

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