Discover Author R. Scott Lemriel

This title… Articles – Recall Hidden Truth …refers to The Seres Agenda recently published unique hidden truth revealing book…

Explore what you have been deprived of knowing
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Out Of Body Travel

Have You Had Them?

My first fully conscious journey out-of-the-body experience happened to me when…
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The Next Epic Truth Revealing Books

and Coming Feature Film Trilogy On Earth

The days of the stratospheric successes of such epic series of feature films…
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Popular Music Lags Behind Deeper

Themes Of The Feature Film Business

Dear fellow music and feature film lovers on planet Earth:…
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Life Is Short

And Then You Wake-Up

In the last fifty years, there have been brief periods when film makers and music performers…
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Do Other Dimensions Exist

Can We Experience Them First-Hand?

May this article stimulate something positive to surface within you…
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