Ambassador Torellian (Tor-el-ee-un) – He is the eighteen-foot tall mighty Seres Ambassador from the most highly evolved and most ancient mysterious human extraterrestrial Seres (Say-Rays) race that seeded all human and humanoid races long ago throughout the many galaxies.

Ambassador Torellian –  Described in The Seres Agenda book, he assisted the Author R. Scott Lemriel to develop and add the very special techniques section at the back of the book. It is designed to assist fellow human beings on Earth today to co-create their own direct experiences with the hidden truths which are revealed in the Prologue and all 29 chapters. 

Ambassador Torellian
Ambassador Torellian of the Seres human extraterrestrial race – This original artwork was created by Vesna Perkovic (from Croatia) with guidance from Author R. Scott Lemriel