Life on Earth

Why an Asteroid Strike Did NOT Help Spur Life on Earth

The origins of life are still unknown to the vast majority. Apart from a select few classified scientists, astronomers, and government officials – who have sworn an oath of secrecy and must keep the truth to themselves – the common man still doesn’t know how life on Earth started.

As a result, there are a lot of flawed hypothesis and theories that try to explain the origins of human life on our planet. There’s the ever-popular theory of evolution (theory, not fact) which claims that humans evolved from primitive apes.

While this bizarre explanation would explain why the genetic codes of apes and humans are  similar but not identical, this theory has some glaring flaws which simply can’t be explained. For example, the theory of evolution fails to logically explain (or even justify) the existence of two extinct species, namely the Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals.

In recent years, another bizarre and speculative theory has surged in popularity. This hypothesis, just like the theory of evolution before it, tries to explain what they believe is how human life began on Earth. That being said, it fails completely in providing a logical answer to this seemingly impossible puzzle.

We’re, of course, talking about panspermia – the hypothesis that claims life on Earth began due to an asteroid strike. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the non-plausible proposition and will also explain how it fails to justify the creation of life.

What is Panspermia?

The word panspermia comes from Ancient Greek where pan that means all and spermia directly translates to seed. In other words, this theory tries to explain that the origins of life on  our planet can be traced to a single, all-encompassing seed. Although the theory was first proposed in 1871, it has surged in popularity in recent years thanks to its radical nature.


For starters, non-classified astrophysicists, astronomers and other scientists have claimed that all life on Earth didn’t originate from this planet. In fact, these non-classified people have claimed that all life on this planet could be traced to an asteroid that collided with our planet roughly 3.8 to 4 billion years ago!

The Problems with Panspermia:

It goes without saying that such an outlandish and outright unverifiable theory or  proposition has been rejected  by classified scientists who have begun to speak about the truth – they simply know better, though they are not yet allowed to share what they know openly. Here are a few flaws that most people point out when discussing problems concerning panspermia.

Problem #1 – Bacteria Can’t Biologically Survive In Space:

The biggest flaw in the radical theory of panspermia is that it claims that an asteroid loaded with tiny, multi-cellular bacteria collided with Earth in the distant paste, which helped spur life on the planet. However, once you analyze this statement in the light of scientific fact and the undeniable laws of the universe, you will realize that this simply isn’t possible.

Night Sky

For starters, the only reason life exists on Earth and not on planets like Mars and Jupiter as far as the general public knows, is because our planet has favorable environmental and atmospheric conditions, while the others don’t. In other words, for life to start on a planet the temperature and weather conditions must be suitable and there must be a suitable atmosphere on the planet and abundant water as well.

Given the fact that space is a vacuum that has no atmosphere whatsoever, it’s literally impossible for microscopic life to survive the harsh conditions of space. The vacuum of space would kill the bacteria long before the asteroid it was on collided with our planet, which means that this trip – spanning thousands of light years – would simply not yield the correct results.


People tend to counter this point by saying that bacteria have a robust survival mechanism which would help them survive the harsh conditions of space. They’re of course referring to bacteria’s ability to remain dormant for a long period and only resurface when the conditions are right (which is a known scientific fact).

However, to say that bacteria remained dormant for the entirety of the long trip to Earth from beyond our the solar system and only becomes active when it enters our stratosphere is nothing short of manipulating the facts to fit the theory.

Simply put, bacteria – no matter how resilient and strong – could not have survived a trip that stretched for thousands of light years in the void of space at temperatures far, far below freezing.

Problem #2 – Where’s the Proof:

Let’s say that the highly flawed theory of panspermia is correct (which it clearly isn’t). For it to be considered a scientific fact, irrefutable proof and tangible evidence must be presented before the scientific community and the general public. So, if there’s a shred of truth to this ridiculous tall tale, where’s the proof?

To date, scientists are yet to tell us, regarding the hundreds of thousands of asteroids that have collided with Earth, which of them housed the bacteria that spurred life on our planet. Similarly, no crash site has been nominated as the place where the meteorite or asteroid struck.

This distinct lack of evidence suggests that there’s not an iota of truth to the belief or  misdirecting flawed theory of panspermia.

Problem #3 – Why Are There So Many Different Life Forms?

Tiger Shark

If all life on our planet can be traced back to a single type of bacteria, then how can there be such a fantastically huge variety and variations of life on this world? Why do we have birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals? Surely, if one sample of bacteria was exposed to the same environmental and atmospheric condition, all life forms would be exactly the same as or at the very least incredibly similar to one another. Of course, this is just employing what is referred to as ‘circular logic’ that also goes around in circles but does not provide actual proof of anything or direct experience that can make all the difference.

Humming Bird

Furthermore, there are no genetic similarities between a hummingbird and a great white shark, just like there are no similarities between crocodiles and human beings. This is yet another glaring hole in this heavily problematic theory of panspermia.


Problem #4 – It Directly Contradicts The Hidden Truth:

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