Aliens On Earth

Aliens On ‘Super-Earth’ May Be Trapped By Gravity

There are many Earth-like planets across the universe. These planets seem to have a similar composition of gases and are at a safe distance from their parent stars. Some of these planets are massive versions of Earth, amply named ‘Super-Earths’. According to scientists, Super-Earths may be habitable, however new research suggests that aliens living on these planets will have immense difficulty in exploring space.

For these exoplanets to launch a mission like the Apollo moon mission, the rocket will need to have a mass of approximately 440,000 tons because of the amount of fuel that will be needed. This mass is about the same as that of The Great Pyramid of Giza!

If the habitants do have a monetary system, flying in space will be infeasible according to Michael Hippke of the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany. On bigger planets, space travel will be that much more expensive.

Understanding Super-Earths

As technology has advanced researchers found exoplanets around their parent stars that could possibly hold life. Some of these Earth-like planets are 10 times as large as Earth. Scientists believe they are within their parent stars’ habitable zone.. Temperatures on these Super-planets should support the development of liquid water on their surfaces and possibly support life – assuming that extraterrestrial beings need water for survival.

Understanding Super-Earths

Scientists have gone on to say that Super-Earths may actually be much better to live on because they have super thick shields (like the Ozone layer) that protect the surface from the hazardous rays of its parent star.

Super-Earth Atmosphere

Super-Earth AtmosphereSince there is reason to believe that extraterrestrials have greater intellectual and technological capabilities than humans, they would likely be able to develop spaceflight. With that being stated, they would also face immense difficulty in leaving their planet’s atmosphere. Why? The enormity of these planets suggest they have an incredibly powerful gravitational pull. The strong gravitational pull of Super-Earths would exert great drag any rocket powered spacecraft that woudl attempt to leave the the surface. right down

Super-Earth Spacecraft

Hippke calculated that the size of the rockets needed to blast through the thick atmosphere of Super-Earths need to be 70% wider than Earth and around 10 times larger! These numbers are based on the dimensions of Kepler-20b – an exoplanet located 950 light-years away from Earth. On such planets, the escape velocity is 2.4 times larger than that on Earth.

Other than the gravitational pull of Super-Earths, the weight of the fuel would present another big challenge for the extraterrestrials inhabiting them. A lot of fuel is needed to launch a rocket into space – the more fuel the rocket carries, the heavier it will be. The heavier the rocket is, the more difficult it is to launch it beyond the atmosphere and into space. This is refered to as ‘escape velocity.’

Hippke claims that if his calculations are correct, humans have a greater chance of landing on exoplanets than alien civilizations have of launching themselves off of their planets.

If a rocket on our simulated Super-Earth works similarly to SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, aliens would require 60,000 tons of fuel. That’s the equivalent to the weight of a massive ocean battleship!

Due to the fuel requirements, civilizations are much more likely to use radio telescopes or lasers for communication rather than then send spacecrafts or other probes into outer space says Hippke. This is, of course, just Earth-based theoreticall thinking and that is very limited thinking indeed!

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Hippke’s findings suggest that extraterrestrials will never be able to make it to the Earth; but the increasing reports of UFO and alien encounters on Earth suggest otherwise.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Hippke hasn’t taken into consideration the intellectual capabilities of superior alien beings. Science and math suggest that aliens are much more intellectually and technologically advanced than humans. Their capabilities are beyond our imagination.

While humans may find it challenging to develop technology that can launch us into the atmosphere despite the planet having such a powerful gravitational pull, extraterrestrials will probably have long since overcome this problem.

Karshadev Scale

The Karshadev Scale classifies civilizations into three main groups based on their abilities to develop advance technology and the amount of energy they are able to utilize.

Type I civilizations: These civilizations can store all the energy emanating from its parent star. The Earth falls into this category even though we haven’t yet fully learned how to store the Sun’s energy.

Type II civilizations: These civilizations have learned to use all the energy of their parent stars.

Type III civilizations: These civilizations are the most advanced of them all – they can control the energy of their entire galaxy!

Hikkie ignores the fact that the civilizations living on Super-Earths may possess higher intellect and therefore may not be trapped on their respective planets.

Non-classified scientists’ views on Extraterrestrial Intellect

Non-classified scientists, including the likes of the recently deceased Stephen Hawking, warned humanity about trying to make contact with extraterrestrial beings that were intellectually and technologically more advanced than humans on Earth.

Hawking claimed that powerful aliens had the likelihood of exploiting humans the same way dominant humans abuse those on our own planet that are weaker then them.

However, if extraterrestrial beings are both technologically and intellectually far more advanced than human beings on Earth, shouldn’t they have higher moral standards?

R. Scott Lemriel’s perspective

Direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher R. Scott Lemriel has been travelling through the multiverse and interacting with extraterrestrials for decades. Through his adventures, Lemriel has met mostly benevolent and a few malevolent extraterrestrials races. According to him, benevolent extraterrestrials, do in fact have higher moral standards.

Benevolent or kind extraterrestrials have shared with Lemriel that through the course of time, humanity has been under threat by ill-intentioned alien beings and and their own fear-based subconsciously driven tendecies to annihlate oursleves. After achieving certain levels of power and technology, humans have a tendency to abuse each other and eventually self-destruct. If it wasn’t for the interference of benevolent extraterrestrials, humans may not have made it this far.

These extraterrestrials beings have been protecting us from our tendency to self-destruct and from covert malevolent extraterrestrial intent.

Once again humans on Earth seem to be headed down the dark path of self-destruction. Small wars and rumors of wars are taking place all over the planet and we’re depleting the Earth’s natural resources.

Benevolent extraterrestrial will once again intervene to save us from our own end but this time all of mankind will learn of their existence and the world will be a much better place.

In his book, The Seres Agenda, Lemriel shares that the Earth recenlty began to undergo an entirely unpexted uplifting transformation.

To learn more about Lemriel’s intriguing adventures in the multiverse, be sure to check out his books, music, film projects and radio-TV shows. Find out ever so much more at his primary website: