For the first time The Seres Agenda brief synopsis and overview synopsis reveal what is actually coming to our planet in the near future that will transform this world beyond imagination, instead of allowing its looming destruction. Ever man, woman, and child will know without a shadow of a doubt that extraterrestrials actually exist.


(Brief Synopsis)

(pronounced like Say-Rays)

(Uncovering the Truth)

     Before they suddenly vanished long ago from galactic history, the mysterious eighteen to twenty five feet tall human extraterrestrial Seres race seeded humankind throughout the many galaxies. Then, they sponsored the creation of the entire Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance of Free Worlds. Now, they have finally decided to return and they will make their presence known by bringing about a permanently benevolent end to the experiment of evil on Earth.


(pronounced like Say-Rays)

(Overview Synopsis)

Uncovering the Truth

     Mark Santfield was out camping in the High Sierra Mountains of Northern California, and he did not see it coming. He had not suspected a thing until the disc-shaped spaceship was hovering sixty feet above him, and that up-lifting male voice telepathically introduced himself right inside his head.

     Recently, Mark had became successful from the publication of his first conspiracy theory novel about a shadowy government, that was operating behind the scenes, with suspected totalitarian extraterrestrial oversight. He had just finished doing research for his second book, after he had interviewed dozens of men, women and children that claimed they had been abducted by aliens. Each one told him they had been abused in some manner before the aliens returned them with no memory of the experience. Deep hypnosis regression sessions later awakened what actually happened to all of them. Yet, he was still very skeptical about the truth of their sincere claims, until the spaceship from another world appeared overhead with its seemingly benevolent human extraterrestrial pilot aboard.

     At that moment, Mark mused how ironic it was he would soon be aboard an alien space ship to become one of those questionable abducted people himself; except, he was being asked. Then he began to sense he was about to gain first-hand experience of a deliberately hidden profound truth – why what was recently decided off-world among millions of benevolent extraterrestrial races will bring to Earth in the near future, for the first time in galactic history, an entirely unexpected uplifting worldwide transformation.

R. S. Lemriel
© 05-18-11 (Txu 1-756-025)
© July, 2015 (Final 5th Edition)
(Library of Congress)

The Seres Agenda by R. Scott Lemriel
Awaken Hidden Truth

Note: It should be known that The Seres Agenda brief synopsis and overview synopsis were written for the readers benefit. They are meant to inspire each reader to further explore deliberately hidden or subconsciously suppressed truth. They begin to find out who they really are as a being, how they came to be on Earth this lifetime, and what their hidden capabilities are to comprehend the vast wondrous nature of the multidimensional universe. 

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