The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) Book Publications titles also imply there will be updates for upcoming publications of The Parallel Time Trilogy sequel books titled Guardians of the Ancient One and Journey to the Center of the Universe. When you explore the hidden truth revealing book The Seres Agenda (final 4th edition) you will find an extensive, very special beneficial techniques section added at the back that was officially published on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

     The Seres Agenda hidden truth revealing book (final 4th edition) with an extensive very special beneficial techniques section added at the back was officially published on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. The e-pub and other e-book versions were approved and published August 25, 2015. The trade paperback and various E-books versions of The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) – book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series was officially published November 6, 2015 and is available as of November 14, 2015. Both books are now available worldwide in trade paperback or down-loadable e-book form at various online retailers through direct links provided at this website. You can also find them listed at the following inks:, for either the trade paperback and e-book formats or for the e-book reader version at: You can also order The Seres Agenda or The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) by clicking on the direct online retail links provided next to the front and back cover images located in the Books menu section of this website.

     The Seres Agenda reveals the author’s true-life experiences, and for the first time what is soon coming to our planet Earth to transform it – instead of allowing it to follow its present course toward destruction. It was published in August of 2015. The Emerald Doorway (The Three Mystic Crystals) book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series E-book for various E-book readers was officially published by Total Spectrum Publishing on November 6, 2015 and the print edition on December 6th, 2015. There are thirty illustrations in this book to assist the readers on their own personal journey of discovery.

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