Aliens and UFOs

Best places to Search for Aliens and UFOs in the world

Would you be more inclined to believe in extraterrestrial beings and UFOs if you saw something that looked like them? Most probably, yes. The existence of aliens has been an on-going debate for decades. Many people are awaiting solid proof to confirm their existence; others are already convinced because they have seen and experienced them as well as other unexplained things.

In 2017, there were around 4,881 UFO sightings reported in the USA alone. Imagine how many of them were unreported. Many of these sightings are reported by groups of people. You may be able to dismiss an individual’s claims of a UFO sighting but if groups of people are telling you that they saw a strange object hovering in the sky, how can you ignore them?

Intrigued by these sightings, UFO and alien enthusiasts run to locations that are known for unsolved alien/UFO-related incidents and sightings.

If you like the idea of searching for aliens and UFOs, you’ve got to check out these places:


Chile has one of the highest reported incidents of UFO reports probably because of its vast open spaces, pollution-free air and low humidity that make it easy to spot objects in the sky.

Aliens in Chile

In response to numerous reports of strange sightings, Chile launched CEFAA (Committee for Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena) that explores Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon under the watch of the Air Force.

Wiltshire, England

Wiltshire is home to huge grassy fields. From a distance, Wiltshire’s fields look like any other field in England but upon a closer look people have been noticing strange markings in them. What’s even more intriguing is that these markings were located just a mile away from Stonehenge – another one of the world’s great mysteries. The area is also known for UFO sightings.

Alien enthusiasts claim that the Stonehenge was used by ancient aliens as a landing pad for their massive spaceships. Since we still don’t know who built the Stonehenge and why, it is a possibility that it was utilized as a marker for landing or even as landing pad for extraterrestrial or alien spaceships in the past.

Area 51, Nevada

No matter how many government personnel claim that Area 51 is just an old air base that is being used for military testing, there is compelling evidence that suggests there is much more going on there than regular testing.

Area 51

Alien and UFO enthusiasts are fascinated by Area 51. Conspiracy theorists believe that the military uses Area 51 to store and examine pieces of crashed spacecrafts, as well as any alien beings that may have landed on the planet. The remnants of the notorious Roswell incident are also said to be stored at Area 51.

UFOlogists have also said that Area 51 has a secret facility located near Papoose Mountain in Nevada; this is supposedly where extraterrestrial beings and their spacecrafts are held.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is another great location to search for UFOs. In the dark of the night, visitors drive out to the desert of Arizona equipped with binoculars, telescopes and night vision goggles and anything else they can think of that will make their search easier. So far there have been sightings of everything from glowing orbs to the opening and closing of inter-dimensional portals. People have reported seeing aliens themselves as well as Bigfoot.

Arizona’s Bradshaw ranch has been another source of mystery. Alien enthusiasts claim that the ranch has been taken over by the US government in order to keep people from discovering the world’s most powerful inter-dimensional portals.

To further fuel the imagination of UFO enthusiasts, visitors aren’t allowed into the National Forest after dark, however, many tour operators will take people there and wait for the sun to go down. The majority of UFO sightings in Arizona take place during twilight, so if you want to increase your chances of seeing something suspicious then that will be the time to go.

Wycliffe Well, Australia

Skeptics that claim UFOs are likely spy aircraft from other countries, struggle to justify the UFO sightings in Australia – since the country doesn’t have tense political relations with other countries.

In Wycliffe Well, Australia UFO sightings are fairly common. UFO reports in Wycliffe Well are most prominent during the dry season (May – October). UFO sightings in the area are so common that Wycliffe Well has made it on the list of the world’s top 5 places for spotting UFOs. Stay there a couple of days and you’re sure to spot non-terrestrial spacecraft in the sky.

It’s not clear why the government has chosen to claim for the public that they ignore these sightings despite the fact they are such common occurrences.

M Triangle, Russia

Russia as a country is a mysterious place for the rest of the world – the M Triangle takes it to a whole another level of strange. The spooky spot was only discovered in the 80s. All obscure things that you’ve seen on TV that happen in the presence of otherworldly beings happen in M Triangle. There have been reports of people’s watches stopping and bright flickering lights in the sky.

M Triangle

Ufologists suggest that these absurd happenings are a result of energy being emitted from underground fractions. That could be a possibility because electromagnetic energy does manifest as sound, color and other phenomena.

If you are excited by the thought of seeing aliens and UFOs, do check out these spots and try your luck at having your own UFO experience.

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