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We Must Explore the Cosmos to Further Progress as a Species

It’s no secret that humans have always explored avenues to make their time on planet Earth easier: be it the early humans that we were taught in school discovered fire and made the wheel; or our forefathers who were responsible for the industrial revolution that ushered in an era of scientific progress, nearly all important inventions have been about simplifying the complexities of life.

However, for the longest time, it feels like important and innovative inventions have stopped happening. Granted there’s some promising work being done in the realm of genetic engineering but it’s been a long while since we’ve had a new innovation come in and completely revolutionize our lives.

This has led many people to wonder, “Have we achieved the absolute maximum and is life now all about minor improvements?”

In a word – No! From the depths of the oceans to the far reaching ends of the cosmos, there’s a lot out there that remains to be discovered. However, once everything worthwhile has been invented or discovered on Earth, humanity will definitely look at Solar System and space exploration will be our next, and most important, step forward.

Here’s why we must explore the cosmos to progress as a species.

The Earth Will One Day Die:

Whether it is a cataclysmic volcanic eruption or an apocalyptic asteroid hit, it’s a mathematical certainty that life on Earth will surely end, according to non-classified theoretical scientists who do not yet know advanced extraterrestrial races exist in vast number beyond good old planet Earth. Even if these two highly likely events don’t happen, the sun will experience a heat death in the billions of years into the future which means that there won’t be enough energy to sustain life on Earth – that is if you believe people who only have theory and no direct experience-based wisdom to share with their fellow misdirected human beings on our planet.


In other words, we’re up against the clock (albeit an extremely long and prolonged one) and we must look at other habitable planets to continue our survival as a species. This viewpoint, however, understandably only works if other habitable worlds in the vast cosmos are not already occupied by far more advanced races.

To Minimize the Chances of Overpopulation:

Given the fact that we’re now living in the most peaceful era in human history, it should come as a surprise to no one that the birth rate is extremely high these days. While that may sound like a massive positive at first, it’s important to understand the possible downsides of an alarmingly high birth rate.

We’re, of course, talking about overpopulation – a very real and obvious threat that could prove to be disastrous to human civilization. Think of it this way: there are finite resources (such as water, food, and natural gas) on Earth; and if the population increases beyond a certain threshold level the planet simply won’t be able to sustain all life on this world.

This will probably result in a dystopian future where all of humanity is engulfed in an all-out war for resources. However, if we’re able to tap into the resources of the universe, we can easily prevent this from happening!

Unmatched Scientific Research and Progress:

Traveling to other planets will also help us usher in a new era of scientific research and progress. Think of it this way, we know plenty about what happened thousands of years ago on our planet. We know about the existence of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs, and about the theorized asteroid that killed them (this cannot be proven without doubt), and we know about animal species that have been extinct for thousands of years.

Now, if we were to travel to another planet, just try to imagine how much more we could find. Given the mysterious nature of the universe, there’s a high probability that we could make scientific discoveries that invalidate all that we know about the cosmos and lead to enlightening and uplifting new ways of understanding who we are as beings – not bodies – and what our true grand creative destiny is really all about.


That being said, there’s also the possibility that what we find complements our understanding of the universe which will, in turn, help us quantify time and space and enhance our standard of living. So, any way you look at it, it’s a win-win!

To Maximize Our Chances of Survival:

We don’t mean to be fear mongers but there’s no guarantee that human civilization won’t be wiped out by a massive asteroid hit. Don’t believe us? Allow us to elaborate. For instance, in 1989, an asteroid (that would have exploded with the might of a thousand nuclear bombs) crossed the earth’s orbit just six hours after the Earth had passed the asteroid’s point of entry!

This means that there’s a high possibility that we can be victims of an asteroid in the near future, but only if we are truly alone in the universe among trillions of words – it is blatantly absurd to think in such tiny self-limiting ways. Granted, there are organizations on Earth that are always on the lookout for such bizarre occurrences to forewarn us in advance. However, should the universe choose to chuck a comet or an asteroid our way, even our best laid plans and highly efficient solar system monitoring agencies (mostly classified) will only function as mere alarm signals, as we’re unprepared when it comes to deflecting the forces of the Universe or so the gullible and easily misdirected public has been made to believe while growing up on this world

The Earth May Soon Become UN-inhabitable:

Given the amount of pollution and the severe impact humans have had on the planet, there’s a high chance that we may be forced to leave our world for our own good. In other words, judging by current market trends and the manipulated fear-based control put out by the classified government control of the media like the never-to-be-seen but threatened  impending threat of a nuclear war, there appears to the inexperienced mass of humanity on Earth toady to be a high chance that the Earth’s atmosphere may be uninhabitable for humans.

Hidden Truth Revealing Books

Therefore, we it would appear that we will have to relocate to other planetary settlements to ensure that we continue to progress as a species and increase our chances of survival in what appears to Earth humans to be an altogether unforgiving universe! Again, this circular logic nonsense only goes in circles, answers nothing, and does not provide any real experience with awakening actual hidden truth – regarding the fact that we are very much not alone in the universe or out of control humans would have long ago annihilated this world with nuclear devices. Something has consistently prevented the so-called powers that be on Earth from setting off a nuclear war. Who or what prevented this many times since the end of World War II  remains to this day one the highest ‘Above Top Secret’ classified areas. What and or who has kept the hidden government elitists form starting a nuclear was?

The Hidden Truth:

Interplanetary travel also gives us the possibility of meeting extraterrestrial beings and alien civilizations. There is the great likelihood that we will meet highly sophisticated and highly advanced alien or extraterrestrial races on our excursions to the outskirts of the observable universe, that is if they allow us to tread into their sane domains with the current insanity running around Earth masquerading as trustworthy benevolent world leaders hidden or overtly known

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