The 3 Ways that Humanity can find Aliens

Humans have always been fascinated by the universe and all that it holds. Ever since we were little kids and looked up at the twinkling stars of the night sky, our curiosity kicked in, leaving us to wonder what else may be out there that we humans who have not yet had directly awakened experiences regarding suppressed or hidden truth comprehend with knowing certainty.

For centuries, everyone from astronomers to astronauts and archaeologists have pondered over the existence of aliens. Notorious unsolved incidents, sightings and pop culture have only fueled our imagination. The non-classified arena of bright Scientists may not have confirmed the existence of aliens or extraterrestrials but they are definitely on the lookout for them.

Last year The Pentagon confessed to having a secret department that was investigating unidentified aircraft and possible alien activity. We’ve long waited aliens to get in contact with us, since mathematics and logical reasoning proves that they are for more advanced intellectually and technologically than us. But what if we didn’t have to wait? What if we could take steps to find them instead?

If humans were to discover aliens themselves, here’s what they will have to do:

Look into the Solar System

It’s kind of obvious but it’s true. The answer to all our questions regarding the existence of aliens lies in the Solar System. Scientists and engineers in the non-classified arena haven’t yet developed technology that is sturdy enough to handle the elements of space.

Mars is surprisingly similar to Earth in many ways. It may be completely barren and cold today but in the past Mars was said to be wet with moderate, livable temperatures much like the Earth. Like the Earth, Mars too has layers of sedimentary rock. The sedimentary rock on Earth has preserved ancient fossils for many millions of years. If we were to investigate the sedimentary rock on Mars, we would likely find fossils of what used to live there? This is the sort of analysis that needs to take place in space.

To so many people without direct experience of hidden or classified truth on his world it is not surprising that they incorrectly believe we are more likely to develop technology that helps us learn all about the planets in our own solar system than we are to build technology than can travel many light years away and explore the Solar Systems, other star systems, other galaxies or even parallel and higher dimensions. The only limits are the ones people of Earth have been misdirected to put upon themselves and that can change with the change in consciousness about all these grand mysteries.

Exploring Exoplanets

An exoplanet is a planet that is outside our own solar system. In recent years, studies of exoplanets have exploded. The non-classified arena of scientists on Earth (who are also not yet allowed to know the real truth) are becoming rapidly more aware of the numbers of growing discoveries of exoplanets than ever before. They now rightly suspect that some of them may be hosting other advanced life-forms, since they are at an Earth-like distance from their respective stars and so they should have an atmosphere similar to Earth.


Other people who have grown up with such limited thinking and misunderstanding without experience they can remember or recall believe we may not be able to physically explore these exoplanets. They believe we should just keep an eye out to discover physical changes in those planets that indicate they could be hosts to vast numbers of space-faring life. The Earth is not and could not be the only planet that has a sufficient amount of oxygen (21% of our air is oxygen) to support very advanced human and other life forms. There are quite literally hundreds of millions of planets in our Milky Way Galaxy alone that could support life. To people who do not know better, they think this happens because for billions of years animals and humans have added biological waste to the planet.  It is common sense and quite clear that animal waste could not produce the oxygen that saturates the atmosphere of our planet Earth. Seventy percent (70%) of the world’s oxygen is generated in the vast oceans of our world.

We understand that for our form of human life to exist that oxygen is essential but that is only because some people believe that human beings evolved in such a way on Earth that allows us to respire aerobically. People just assume this evolution took place on Earth and that human beings evolved here but they are missing the bigger picture by miles.

With advanced technology we would be able to further investigate exoplanets by understanding their molecular structure, their atmosphere and potential imaging of their seasons, clouds, greenery or plant life and oceans. This is underway right now among scientists in the non-classified areas worldwide. It is also spot on important to know that so much more is known and technologically utilized by those classified scientists that are not allowed to disclose to the rest of the world what they have long known about extraterrestrials or aliens and advanced non-terrestrial technology that takes them between stars and between galaxies.

Based on how rapidly technology is beginning to grow now in the public sectors worldwide, even the well-meaning kept in the dark non-classified or as of yet inexperienced scientists believe that if there’s life out there it will be discovered in this century.

Looking for signals from intelligent aliens

If intelligent aliens broadcast a big enough signal, humans will be able to pick it up. Knowing this, we’ve developed Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and even METI (for Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Both these departments are at the highest risk and highest reward in our quest to find alien life but both organizations are also not privileged to know what the top secret or top classified people have long known.

Night Sky

In the mid-1900s, when the world first became anxious to experience aliens or extraterrestrials, scientists believed we would be able to detect alien activity via radio waves. There was a time when detecting fluctuations in radio waves seemed like our best bet when it came to alien activity, since they aren’t absorbed or reflected by objects in space. But decades have past, despite constantly monitoring radio waves, and the non-classified scientists and the vast majority of the public citizens worldwide have still not witnessed radio activity that indicates or confirms the existence of extraterrestrials. This does not mean it has not happened. How would people on this world know if these kinds of discoveries have been deliberately kept from them through a well-orchestrated worldwide classified system that official began after World War II ended?

What the scientific community outside a top secret system is saying…

Even the public is routinely told that scientists have not yet discovered solid evidence that proves extraterrestrials exist. However, more and more of them every year as stating that all the opportunities and ingredients needed for other life forms to exist are present in the galaxy.

According to scientists, it’s highly unlikely that species on a planet have the power to change the atmosphere of a planet to meet their biological needs; it’s much more likely for species to have evolve based on the atmosphere of the planet. In simple words, we don’t exist because the Earth has oxygen; we exist because we evolved to breathe in oxygen. If other planets don’t have an adequate supply of oxygen, their species may have evolved to breathe in other gases and that does necessarily indicate they would be dangerous or diabolical in nature if they are not human beings.

R. Scott Lemriel’s perspective:

Author and direct-experience-based, hidden truth revealing researcher R. Scott Lemriel has a completely different take on the existence of alien or extraterrestrial beings. Scott states extraterrestrial life forms have always been around before Earth was first colonized more than 50 million years ago after the dinosaurs were made extinct. Where did all that history go and why do people on Earth not know about it? Scott’s inter-dimensional travels have revealed to him that aliens and humans are interconnected. According to him human beings are not native to Earth; in fact, they were brought to the planet by extraterrestrials. “Human beings and other races have lived among us in the past and still live among us,” states Scott Lemriel, based on his direct experiences with them. He says that humanity has a tendency to self-destruct but his benevolent extraterrestrials friends have consistently saved us from our own self-destructive doom. They have done it twelve times during the cold war with the former Soviet Union and they are monitoring things now to prevent nuclear war.

For more information on Scott’s experiences and to learn how you too can have similar experiences, check out his highly focused dedicated work. Scott’s books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (the first book of The Parallel Time Trilogy screenplay and book series); provide details of Scott’s life and his interactions with otherworldly beings for the benefit of others on Earth.

In his conference videos, radio-TV shows, uplifting related music and developing short and full-length feature film projects, Scott shares techniques that can help any courageous explorer of hidden truth remember how to have their own out-of-body experiences and to recover so much that was taken from them without their consent or current awareness. He reveals how we too can recover awareness of the pineal gland’s function in the center of the brain (a doorway to other realities) and the right utilization of the creative imagination to go beyond this world while we live out serenely balanced lifetimes. He states that we are all capable of once again knowing the hidden truth about who we are as beings through ‘direct knowing perception.’ We can have at our fingertips our most ancient past and begin to co-create an entirely unexpected uplifting new future for this planet with the assistance of friends from very far out of town – from beyond Earth. Being consciously aware again with confidence is the first step in this wondrous new direction.

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