COMING MEDIA EVENTS Book Signings Times And Locations

     Coming Media Events, Book Signing Times and Locations with author R Scott Lemriel will be announced on this page regarding the following: book signing times and locations; coming dates and times of various T.V. and radio talk-show interviews; marketing events as they are scheduled; screening dates and times for Parallel Time – The Short Movie (with phenomenal special effects), which will debut in the near future on DVD and at various film festivals; various magazine interviews and issue dates with appearing article titles; and other worldwide media events that will be scheduled during the upcoming expanding promotions for The Seres Agenda book and The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) – book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series. They are truly unique epic adventures entirely based on the author’s personal explorations and experiences into unraveling hidden truth on a grand multi-dimensional scale.

     For the first time, they reveal to the readers resolutions to many phenomenal mysteries they may have experienced during this lifetime or that were witnessed by others to have occurred but not explained in ancient Earth history.

     In addition, you will also find on this page, months in advance of each consecutive new year, the announced release dates for the two sequel books of The Parallel Time Trilogy subtitled, Guardians of the Ancient One and Journey to the Center of the Universe.

     Regarding R. Scott Lemriel’s music productions:

     Long snips or listening examples of each track for the available music CD album #1 titled Stranger On A Lost Island are available for your listening pleasure by clicking on the MUSIC menu tab in this website. You will also discover the release dates for the next six planned music CD albums referred to asHidden Truth Revealing Epic Adventure Music. They are scheduled to be produced and made available to our growing worldwide fans every consecutive year.

Note: Time and circumstances for future music album release will determine if we can keep to this schedule.

     The destiny of this music is intimately related in many subtle ways to The Seres Agenda and three books of The Parallel Time Trilogy starting with The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) book one, and to the developing near future feature films that will be based upon these books and associated screenplays.

Special Note:

Please check back with us at this page from time to time to find the various events scheduled that are listed above. We want you to know that we are only producing products that are designed to have an up-lifting transforming benevolent effect for our fellow human beings.

     We sincerely thank you for your participation in this adventure.

By: R. S. Lemriel
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