Planet Nine

All You Need To Know About the Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’

When you ask someone how many planets are there in our solar system, they’re most likely to answer ‘eight’, and they’re more or less right. Given the fact that Pluto has officially been removed from the official list of planets, it makes sense that the planets in our Solar System should number eight, right?

Well, that varies on who you ask. If you ask some non-classified astronomers who believe everything that the media tells them, they will answer ‘eight’. But, if you look at the recently discovered evidence, and closely observe the behavior of the Solar System, you’ll come to the conclusion that there are actually 9 planets in the Solar System!

So, what is this mysterious ninth planet and where can it be found? Join us as we answer that very question.

1. The Origins of Planet Nine:

Before we begin, let’s start with the basics first. Out of the eight planets in the Solar System, the existence of 6 of them has been known for quite a while. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all visible by the naked eye, so it’s no surprise that we’ve known about them for hundreds of years.

Although the seventh planet ( Uranus) can theoretically be seen by the naked eye, it holds the privilege of being the first planet to be discovered by a telescope.

Using Newton’s law of gravitation, non-classified astronomers and scientists made predictions about the possibility of an eighth planet in our solar system. Mathematics and astronomy helped them pin-point the location of the planet in the skies.

However, when this planet (now called Neptune) was finally spotted in 1846 by Gale, non-classified scientists soon realized that the observations didn’t align with Newtonian predictions.

So, either Newton’s law of gravity couldn’t be applied to heavenly bodies, or there was a mysterious planet which was responsible for these irregularities. This proposed planet is now commonly referred to as Planet Nine in the world of astronomy and astrophysics.

2. How Do We Know For Sure That Planet Nine Exists?

To understand how we know that Planet Nine exists, we must first understand how we observe planets in the solar system.

Planet Nine Existance

As we know that the Earth goes around the sun once a year, we can, therefore, observe the motion of other planets in our solar systems to determine whether or not they have similar trajectories.

However, as planets move in a circular orbit around the sun and are also attracted toward it due to gravity, they start moving in a coil-like motion.

Therefore, we can say that planets that have a coil-like trajectory can be reliably said to orbit the sun.

Interestingly enough, as seen from the Earth (over a long period of time) these planets appear to just ‘wobble in the sky’.

Based on this knowledge, astronomers started observing the cosmos closely to figure out which heavenly bodies orbit the sun and which do not. After careful calculations and a lot of hard work, it was determined that planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars, also orbit the sun (just like the Earth does). Their trajectories were traced as follows:

Planets Distance

Now, if we were to zoom out a bit, we would find similar elliptical orbits for the gas giant planets in our Solar System ( Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus).

Orbital Plane

Now if we were to go beyond that and zoom out even more, we would see the orbits of six huge heavenly bodies commonly referred to as Trans-Neptunian Objects.

Planet Nine Obects

Notice how the elliptical orbits of each of the Trans-Neptunian Object are skewed to the left. This means that there has to be a mysterious object in our solar system which is pulling these heavenly bodies toward itself (otherwise all six orbits would be skewed at random angles and not to the left).

This led the very scientists who demoted Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet to hypothesize that there might just be a Planet Nine which is responsible for these skewed orbits!

3. Facts About Planet Nine:

Based on Newton’s law of gravity, here are a few scientific predictions about Planet Nine,

4. It’s Size:

Simply put, the proposed Planet Nine is massive when compared to the Earth. Recent estimates suggest that this planet has a mass of 10 times the mass of the Earth (roughly 6 x 1025 kilograms)!

5. It’s Weather Conditions:

Weather Conditions

If you think that the large size of Planet Nine would make it a suitable replacement for Earth then you’d be mistaken, as the weather conditions of the planet make it inhabitable. Owing to its enormous distance from the sun, the mysterious Planet Nine has an average surface temperature of about 226 °C!

6. It’s Orbit:

Given the fact that the hypothetical Planet Nine lies on the outskirts of the Solar System, it should come as no surprise that it has an extremely large orbit. Recent estimates approximate Planet Nine to complete 1 revolution around the sun in the time it takes the Earth to complete between 10,000 and 20,000 revolutions!

7. The Hidden Truth:

Based on these predictions and calculations, we can easily say that our knowledge of the solar system is extremely limited to say the least. As non-classified science and technology continue to evolve at a snail’s pace, we must place our trust in own inner ability to discern the truth once it crosses our path in life and in those who are well versed in revealing the hidden truth, who have a direct experience-based understanding of the most ancient hidden truth revealing knowledge about extraterrestrial life, where we originated as human beings not originally from Earth and the true expansive wondrous nature of the grand multidimensional cosmos.

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