The Seres Agenda Chapter Titles – Revealing Hidden Truth does exactly that. As of August, 2015, you can order the final 5th edition of this uplifting hidden truth revealing adventure that contain an extensive techniques section added at the back that provides a special protected way to explore and awaken that which was deliberately hidden or subconsciously suppressed truth. Uncovered in its pages is what is soon coming to entirely transform our planet, instead of allowing it to follow its present course headed toward complete destruction.

The Seres Agenda Chapter Titles - Revealing Hidden Truth
The Seres Agenda Chapter Titles

     The Seres Agenda chapter titles are there to inspire you to go on the enlightening journey of exploring the chapter in the book. If you find a courageous spirit welling up in you, follow that guidance to obtain the book and explore awakening in a special protected manner deliberately hidden truth.

     People from all over the world have contacted the author to thank him for letting them know how much the special techniques section at the back of the book has assisted them in amazing beneficial ways. The revealed special protected way utilizing the primordial vibratory word known as HU is to helping them in an ongoing manner to awaken much that was taken from them without their consent or awareness.

     The amazing journey is based on the author’s lifetime of experience with extraterrestrials, and their advanced technology and Spirituality. Revealed for the first time is a coming worldwide event that will entirely transform the planet in wondrous entirely unexpected new ways. You can order the trade paperback book or e-book for various e-book readers by clicking on the book cover or the ‘Buy The Seres Agenda‘ link provided below below.


By R. S. Lemriel
© (Txu 1-756-025)
(Library of Congress)

The Seres Agenda by R. Scott Lemriel
Awaken Hidden Truth

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