Something happened very recently in galactic history that made it possible for the first time to begin to bring about a benevolent uplifting worldwide transformation on planet Earth. By exploring the hidden truths revealed in The Seres Agenda book, and by exercising the special techniques added to this final 5th edition, the readers will begin to recall much that was taken from them without their consent or awareness!

     For the first time, The Seres Agenda book reveals what is actually coming to our planet in the near future that will transform this world beyond imagination, instead of allowing its looming destruction. Every man, woman, and child will know without a shadow of a doubt that extraterrestrials actually exist.

    AUTHOR: R. Scott Lemriel
    GENRES: First Contact, Spirituality, Paranormal, UFOs, Rare Romance, Time Travel, Out of Body Travel, Journeys Into Parallel and Higher Dimensions, Extensive Excursions Along The Past Time-track, Direct Contact With Highly Spiritual & Technologically Advanced Extraterrestrials Races, The Way To Safely Gain Freedom From Diabolical Energetic-Consciousness Suppressing Implants, and Much More.

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