Shown in The Hidden Doorway of Mt Shasta Scene are Captain Kalem Starland and Mayleena disguised as a blonde Caucasian women. They are meeting for the first time with General Harry Faldwell to escort him on a mysterious journey into the tunnel withing the heart of Mt Shasta that leads to a very special parallel dimension.

The Hidden Doorway of Mt Shasta Scene
Scene – Harry meets Kalem & Mayleena by the secret doorway leading inside Mt Shasta, which leads to a special parallel dimension on planet Earth.

     The Hidden Doorway of Mt Shasta Scene – Tunnel To A Parallel Dimension reveals secrets about human extraterrestrials and their very advanced space and inter-dimensional travel capabilities, as well as their understanding of portals secretly hidden on Earth which lead to numerous parallel dimensions most human beings do not know exist.

Note #1: To find out more out about the Mt Shasta doorway that leads into a secret parallel dimension right here on Earth, and why General Harry Faldwell discovers he is important to the benevolent space travelers, obtain The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy & The Seres Agenda books. The Seres Agenda does, in fact, have an extensive techniques section at the back which contains the way to safely access deliberately hidden truth while we are still alive on Earth.

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The Emerald Doorway By R. Scott Lemriel
Awaken What You Were Made To Forget

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