The intriguing story depth behind The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) chapter titles will reveal something for the first time that is entirely new and of benefit to the adventuresome readers. Each chapter titles reveals something very special about deliberately hidden truth. They are designed to stimulate the process of recall or waking up for the readers to what they once knew with certainty. The deliberately subconsciously suppressed far deeper true hidden history of Earth and our solar system and each individual’s place in it starts to surface once again.

     If visitors to this website ride on the imagine of what they begin to visualize when they read each chapter title for The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals), they will begin the process to recall so much about what was taken without their consent or awareness long before they were born into this lifetime on planet Earth.

     The purpose of this book and the two sequels of The Parallel Time Trilogy were written to inspire the readers to awaken a greater depth of childlike wonder. A suppressed depth of amazing courage to explore the currently unknown and recover their higher faculty of knowing direct perception begins to surface.  

Special Note: In The Seres Agenda book there is an extensive techniques section added at the back that also reveals a special protect way to explore deliberately hidden truth in the grand multidimensional creation by your own direct awakening knowing experiences.

R.S. Lemriel
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The Emerald Doorway three mystic crystals chapter titles.
      The Emerald Doorway           (Three Mystic Crystals)                   book one of                   The Parallel Time Trilogy    By R. Scott Lemriel

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