The Parallel Time Trilogy

THE EMERALD DOORWAY (Three Mystic Crystals)

(Brief Synopsis)

Uncovering The Truth

     100,000 years ago, Earth’s poles changed one hundred and eighty degrees overnight, destroying the lands as they sank beneath exploding lava in seething ocean waves, and rising from the sea floor entirely different continents that we live on today.

     There was a new beginning.


…unless, they finally intervene…

R.S. Lemriel
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The Emerald Doorway By R. Scott Lemriel
Awaken What You Were Made To Forget

     There is a far more vast planet Earth and galactic history the people of Earth have been covertly kept form remembering. The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) and the two sequels that will follow it reveal a great deal about this missing history in everyone’s lives living on planet Earth today. Recover your own hidden history as a being beyond this one lifetime by exploring this book and The Seres Agenda by author R Scott Lemriel. It contains special techniques designed to recall deliberately hidden truth and the ways to safely access it in the grand multidimensional universe. 

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Note: In The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) brief synopsis there are open doors through which the reader can walk to explore the vast hidden truth revealing depths of this first book of The Parallel Time Trilogy series.