Chapter One – Excerpt



     The beautiful secluded black sand dune beachhead of a small half-moon shaped tropical island cove, hidden somewhere in a secret parallel dimension on Earth, was spread out before the loving gaze of a mysterious six foot tall man with black curly hair, and a short cropped beard. Wearing a knee-length maroon colored robe belted at the waist, and simple sandals, he was standing upon a large sand dune holding in his right hand a tall transparent crystal staff. It was crested with a symbol similar to the ancient Egyptian Ankh – an oval with a hallow oval center atop a cross.

     The surrounding jungle plant life was a mixture of giant palm trees, prehistoric looking ferns, and huge stalks of multicolored flowers. Large colorful birds with long V-shaped tails, twice as long as their bodies, were circling in the sky above the cove beyond the vivid turquoise-blue ocean. Sunlight illuminated a large translucent wave as it curled to break on the beach of the fine black sand, that glittered like millions of diamonds in the midday sun.    

     The up-lifting warbling sounds of the ancient tropical birds calling out to each other echoed over the water, as the mysterious man and his staff began to radiate brilliant light. Then he quickly began to transform into a blue-violet sphere, comprised of self-effulgent teardrop shaped lights built in layers: from a white light central core, through the color spectrum, to a violet exterior.

     The radiant light-sphere pulsed brighter. Then it darted across the dunes and plunged into the large curling crest of a wave that began to whirl around the light-sphere. They blended into a mass of churning translucent light, and the whirling luminescence swiftly transformed into a spinning fiery vortex as the sound of the crashing ocean waves faded into the growing whine of powerful jet engines increasing thrust. Just as swiftly, the fiery vortex, and jet engines began to diminish into the background, revealing the rapidly receding spinning fan-jet blades within the far left engine of a 747 jet airliner.

     The mysterious man’s blue-violet light-sphere materialized again hovering a few feet above the runway to briefly observe the 747 as it sped past the control tower at Miami International Airport. The airliner lifted off at a steep angle, and quickly disappeared in an ominous cloud cover moving in high above the main terminal building. Then, just as mysteriously, The Silent Observer’s luminous sphere faded, and vanished from view.

R. S. Lemriel
© TXu 62 748
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Master Ra Mu Chapter 1 Excerpt
     The Emerald Doorway         (Three  Mystic Crystals)                book one of             The Parallel Time Trilogy     By R. Scott Lemriel

     In this Master Ra Mu Chapter 1 Excerpt you will discover more about the amazing abilities of this spiritual teacher and mentor of Kalem, Mayleena, and Etta. He was stationed on planet Earth before the cyclic polar shift took place but he gets around beyond time and space and along the time track as you will discover. 

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