Note: This General Harry Faldwell Chapter 4 Excerpt reveals Harry’s tough as nails courageous character but also his startled reaction to what happens when he is finally confronted with the fact that very advanced benevolent extraterrestrial beings and their inter-stellar space travel capabilities actually do exit.

Chapter Four


     Captain Kalem was wearing his parka as he appeared a moment later from underneath the center of the ship, levitating on a luminous blue metallic disc two and a half feet across and one inch thick. He cleared the bottom of the ship and stood upright with his feet firmly planted upon the disc, apparently held safely to it by an invisible anti-gravity force field. Except for his feet, he was freely able to move his legs, upper torso and arms as he wished while he flew the disc a foot above the snow to within a few feet of Carine and General Faldwell. The other ten Guardian Research Foundation members remained standing ten feet behind them in the semi-circle that curved halfway around the circumference of the ship’s hull.

     Kalem lowered his disc to the ground, landing it the one inch wide metal outer ring that dropped down about four inches from the disc’s perimeter. As he stepped off, the disc instantly stopped glowing and it appeared like shiny silver metal with esoteric symbols etched on its surface. The inner disc then dropped to the snow, joined together with the outer ring and bonded together on a molecular level as one solid metal disc with no apparent seam. Kalem extended his hand to greet General Faldwell, but Harry did not move.

     “I’m Kalem Summerhill, General Faldwell,” cordially stated Kalem. “I’ll be your guide for the rest of the journey.”

     Harry dubiously looked at Kalem’s hand, then nervously asked, “Who are you people? What journey?”

     Kalem started to withdraw his hand, warmly smiled instead and replied, “We’re adventurers, General, like you. We’ll be going to an ancient land called Lemuria, which means motherland. It’s located in what we refer to as a parallel dimension that vibrates at a slightly higher molecular time rate on Earth than we do here at MT Shasta. I can explain more about it on the way.”

     Kalem extended his hand toward Harry again and this time Harry carefully reached out and shook it. Then he turned away from Harry and intimately embraced Carine. They parted and he affectionately gazed at her.

     “Thank you, Carine, for guiding General Faldwell here,” he fondly stated.

     “It was my pleasure,” she replied with a heavenly smile back at him and a slight nod of her head.

     She blushed as she gazed into Kalem’s eyes. Then she turned away from him to smile at Harry, as Kalem courteously waved his arm toward the gravity disc resting nearby upon the snow.

     “Please step on the personal gravitic transport disc behind me, General,” encouraged Kalem with a grin. “You can’t fall off once you’re grounded to its gravitational field. Trust me and we’ll be on our way.”

     Harry reluctantly stepped on the disc behind Kalem and placed a hand on his shoulder. Carine stepped on next to Harry and put an arm around his waist. The disc lit-up and slowly hovered several feet above the snow.

     Harry began to have a complete realization of what was about to happen as he dropped his hand from Kalem’s shoulder and nervously looked at Carine.

     “You…you’re,” he started to say, motioning his head upward, “from out there, aren’t ya’, just like Mr. Summerhill?”

     Grinning back, Carine answered, “Yes, General, as a matter of fact, we are both,” and she nodded upward, “from out there.”

     Harry shook his head and said, “I had a hunch you’d be saying that to me sooner or later.”

     Kalem flew the disc several more feet along the ground as Harry placed his hands back on Kalem’s shoulders to steady himself. They crouched down a little as the disc flew underneath the ship and slowly up through a round opening in the center of the bottom of the ship’s hull between the three semi-spherical pods. Then it began to heavily snow.

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General Harry Faldwell Chapter 4 Excerpt, The Emerald Doorway Three Mystic Crystals (The Parallel Time Trilogy) (Volume 1) by R. Scott Lemriel
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Note: This General Harry Faldwell Chapter 4 Excerpt also reveals the way in which highly evolved human extraterrestrials kindly and patiently treat Harry as they expose him to deliberately hidden truth on a grand galactic scale outside of the box he falsely believed was reality on Earth and out their in the cosmos.

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