Note: This Etta Description Chapter 2 Excerpt reveals Etta’s extraordinary telepathic, vocal, photographic memory and anti-gravity flying capabilities. Much more is, of course, revealed in The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series.

Chapter Two



     A luminous four-inch diameter sphere of gold light appeared in the middle of the isle behind General Faldwell. It twirled, spun, and stopped in various places as it raced up and down the aisle surveying the passengers, one by one, while chattering away with a male sounding voice in an alien language.

     Noticing the General, the sphere raced in his direction, closely circled his head, stopped several inches from his eyes, and then bobbed back and forth as if studying his features. Chattering more excitedly in its alien tongue, the sphere rapidly grew in size and a endearing three foot long pale-green alien creature appeared within it, just as the light sphere faded away. Apparently propelled by a natural anti-gravity ability, he was horizontally levitating in the air with the thick root of his tail to its tapered tip illuminated like a crystal opal in bright sunlight. His eyes were deep-blue bulbous semi-spherical pools with short eyelashes, and his mouth was a large smiling crease around his long jaw that ended with flared nostrils. His forearms were slightly shorter than his strong hind legs but both were well contoured. The four fingers and thumb on his hands, and five toes on his feet appeared very dexterous like a human. Then he transformed back into the light sphere, and then it faded away.

     Aboard the alien disc shaped space ship was a ruggedly handsome Caucasian man in his late twenties with blue eyes, and short brown hair. He was wearing a single form-fitting body uniform made of a silvery-grey fabric. The sleeves widened slightly at the wrists, encircled with two gold bands. Embossed on the left chest area of the garment were three blue stars, set in triangular formation, above the apex of a gold pyramid that was superimposed just above the central star cluster nucleus of a silvery galaxy.

     The man was seated at a semicircular control console filled with different shapes of faceted crystal controls in many varied luminous colors. Rectangular panels three feet wide by six feet in length surrounded the circumference of the control room walls. One panel directly opposite the control console in front of the man was lit-up, and he was intently watching the display of the 747 captured by the energy field that was being emitted from his ship. A red beam that extended out from the exterior of his ship’s hull had enveloped the airliner in a transparent oval of red light. The man got up and touched a crystal control that was pulsing with gold light. It dimmed and shut off. The luminous sphere that was aboard the 747 materialized in the air next to him, rapidly growing in size, and it transformed back into the three foot long alien being with his glowing tail extended behind him. The sphere vanished around him, and he shook his head frowning.

     “I know what you mean, Etta,” said the man grinning back at him with a shake of his head. “You’re right! These Earth humans will be hard to convince. Did you get good pictures of the General?”

     “Quibb!” (“Yes!”) excitedly answered Etta in his own language.

     “Excellent!” remarked the pleased man. Then he cleared his throat, and carefully asked, “Um, you’re certain you got the General, right?”

     “Captain Kalem, mena dot pleidia meta?” (“Captain Kalem, you’re not pleased with me?”) answered Etta, instantly insulted.

     “Of course I’m pleased with you,” chuckled Kalem. “Now let me see those pictures.”

     Kalem picked up a curved, tiny gold wire headset. Connected on each end was a small diamond crystal. Etta levitated toward him, and tipped his head. Kalem placed the device over his head like a set of earphones, and then fitted each crystal into an ear hole. Another panel to the right of the main view-screen displaying the 747 airliner flashed on, revealing the interior of the jet and its occupants just as Etta had seen them.

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Etta Description Chapter 2 excerpt, The Emerald Doorway Three Mystic Crystals (The Parallel Time Trilogy) (Volume 1) by R. Scott Lemriel
           The Emerald Doorway                     (Three Mystic Crystals)                              book one of                            The Parallel Time Trilogy          By R. Scott Lemriel

Note: This Etta Description Chapter 2 Excerpt also reveals what a dedicated loyal friend he is to Captain Kalem. Why this relationship evolved to this point is revealed in the unfolding relationship between them within the stimulating chapters of this book. You can view Etta’s character sketches or obtain this book by clicking on the links provided below this paragraph.

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