The ATMA – This is what people on Earth call ‘Soul’ looks like. The most advanced kind space-faring races out among the stars of our Milky Way Galaxy, that number over 450 million inhabited world systems in just 1/4 of our the galaxy, know what they are that is not the physical body by ‘Direct Knowing Perception’ or ‘Direct Knowing Certainty.’ They refer to what they really are as the ATMA. This term was not created or originated on planet Earth. It was imported to this planet. Yet few fellow human beings lving on Earth today know what they are or what they look like that is not the body they are running or how to move themselves in this true non-nuclear or non-atomic energy form around the grand multidimensional universe. The key here is that every human being living on Earth today is actually capable of recalling or recovering how to do this under the right conditions. The primary first requirement is that each individual become aware of the necessity to not send out negative emotions or negative imaginations into the universe around them. The correct consciousness liberating utilization of the creative imagination is to choose to imagine that which will ‘ONLY’ be of an uplifting beneficial nature to all life – not just life on planet Earth. Subconscious fear drives most people on Earth to imagine fear of the present and the future that binds them to the illusion they are a physical body stuck on Earth which can be destroyed. All that stands in the way of the recall or conscious recovery of all we are as indestructible, individual spherically-shaped energy beings, and what we are actually capable of co-creating with the true ‘Source’ or ‘Prime Creator,’ are artificially implanted terrorizing fear-based programs. Becoming aware of this fact and disciplining how we utilize the creative imagination in a safely protected manner begins the process of awakening beings on Earth that no longer remember who they are (not a body they temporarily run), what they actually look like, and what this recovered awareness is capable of achieving.

Working with the first half of the word human or HU, that sounds like the name Hugh drawn out like Hu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u… on the outgoing breath or done silently inside when not using vocal chords, creates enlightening change in awareness. This is the most direct way to directly telepathically connect to the omnipresent 1st sound behind and supporting all creation that most people on Earth refer to as ‘Divine Spirit.’ This non-nuclear or non-atomic energy that fills the vast ‘Void’ of space between planets, moons, suns, and galaxies is actually a co-creator with us – each ATMA. Therefore, each person can begin to experience this truth for themselves as they begin to send out the HU int the safely protected manner it provides. However, each individual must discover this great truth, hidden in plane sight, for themselves by their own awakening direct knowing experiences. Here is a link that goes to the page titled: About Scott - HU. There you can listen to his voice sending out the HU in three-part harmony in a continuous manner for nearly 24 minutes or listen to him sending this out with a pause between each one. You can send out your own HU aloud with him or just listen to be uplifted and to have subconscious fear programs shut off. Experience is everything!