Do Other Dimensions Exist And Can We Experience Them First Hand?

By R. Scott Lemriel

     Hello everyone!

     May this article stimulate something positive to surface within you.

     Other realities and parallel dimensions or higher dimensions are phrases often used in scientific circles and in a wide array of science fiction adventure and fantasy writing to describe the existence of other dimensions or realities that are parallel or higher in vibration than our own. Normally, they remain invisible to our perceptions and personal experience. I have directly discovered throughout this lifetime that in these parallel or higher dimensions beings live that have their existence and most often their conscious awareness separate from us here on good old planet earth. They live in their own quite different reality that is just as tangible, solid, and real to theme as this Earth reality is to us. The molecules of matter in each one of these separate realities vibrate together at the same time-rate that is different from the time-rate reality or frequency where we reside. We have these experiences in what is referred to as our dreams at night, but most people do not realize they are actually out of the body in their true energetic Soul or Atma form during this time.

     In my own experience, and in the experience of many others around the planet, there are many other parallel and higher dimensions simultaneously existing all around us that we cannot normally see or perceive. This is due to the limitations of our life-long limited thinking, sub-conscious self-limiting habits, training, belief systems, fear and what is considered to be our normal physical sensory perceptive abilities.

     The personal exploration or visiting other realities that are either parallel to us here on Earth or that exist in a higher frequency (a higher dimension) is not yet common among the masses of human kind on Earth. However, many people around the world have claimed to have had phenomenal experiences like this at one time or another. Usually, very little is openly said by them about their mysterious journeys, mainly because of the ridicule or social ostracism they fear they will receive if they do. Unfortunately in many cases, their apprehension of what would happen to them if they disclosed such experiences to others is often justified. This is particularly true of little children that claim to be able to travel out of their bodies a night to experience wonders they can consciously bring back to their bodies in the morning upon awakening. However, once they open their mouths to excitedly tell their parents all about it, they soon discover their wonderful ability is quickly squashed flat or suppressed by their fear-ridden parents who may think this is evil or harmful. Perhaps this type of suppression was forced upon them by their own parents and surrounding peer-pressure while they were very young.

     Have any parents out there ever just asked your young ones (usually before the age of six ) what they were when they were BIG? Most subconscious life-long habits (whether self-limiting or self-expanding) are set within what is referred to on Earth as the individual’s subconscious mind before the age of six by outside forces or influences that are usually non-supportive in nature. What they were open to begins to close down soon after that.

     Fear of the unknown still plagues the world consciousness of so many. Yet, there are more people around the world (and this is growing) that have had and continue to have experiences of this type of phenomena via personal exploration. Many people are beginning to courageously open-up. They are doing this at this time simply because they have made contact with others who confirm these experiences are valid after they share their own similar experiences. Maybe, just maybe, more people will open-up with each other and they will soon discover, as I have, that many more people in the world would love the chance to get this off their chest with others of like experience and awareness. This article was created to serve as an encouragement to them to courageously travel further into understanding the importance of the phenomenal journeys they have had into the beyond.

     This article was not written for me to share the many experiences that I’ve had while journeying into other realities or parallel dimensions via out-of-body travel. It was, however, written to be only of benefit to the reader. Under the right circumstances, anyone can have these experiences for themselves. However, fear of the unknown must be set aside in favor of trust in that force that supports all life everywhere. This article is a direct and intuitive encouraging communication to my fellow human beings of all ages on Earth that want to explore the depth of this subject further to their heart’s content.

     This may sound bold, daring, and adventurous or just plain crazy to some to say this, but isn’t is true that each one of us really want the childlike wonderland of extraordinary experiences that we all had as children to come back, and then permanently remain fully accessible at the surface of our conscious awareness? In my own life, this type of adventuring continues, and it can for anyone. Therefore, this article was written for people of all ages in the world who may need or desire this type of experience, and who are looking for safe support and encouragement to fearlessly go forward with their own personal explorations into the mysteries of the beyond. Many people want to find out who they really are that survives the end of the physical body. They want to know why they are here on this planet, how they came to be here unaware of what took place before this lifetime, and why they even exist while they are still alive here in this lifetime. This is entirely possible. Most importantly, many of you may want to explore where you are going, and what great potentials really are waiting to awaken within you, under the right constructive conditions. Many people sense these inner faculties or abilities are currently sleeping or dormant someplace inside, just waiting for the right circumstances to the surface in their awareness.

     One way that I’ve found to explore this phenomena or any creative endeavor further is by first chanting or singing out loud the most ancient name for the primordial omnipresent and conscious living energy presence known as HU. This living energy (primordial Sound or word) supports and sustains all life everywhere. Each one of us are comprised of this energy that we call the individual Atma or Soul. Each individual can send out the HU out-loud or imagine it silently inside and this can be practiced in any Spiritual or religious faith, and even by an atheist and it will work to make a link or connection to safely explore by direct experience deliberately hidden or suppressed truth in the grand multidimensional universe. It will function to uplift, guide and protect anyone anywhere they may be. Of course these are only words, but each individual utilizing this will one day come to a full conscious direct knowing understand of this by their own direct experience. I have also discovered that by singing or chanting out the HU silently or aloud that it calms the troubled mind, soothes and balances the emotions, and brings about an inner tranquility with an up-lifting heart-warming energy, as well as deepening insightful awareness with a certainty of knowing in contrast to remaining in speculation, doubt, and fear.

     Here is one way to practice the HU.

  1. Sit comfortably in an easy chair or lay down on a couch or bed and close your eyes.
  2. Put your attention on the screen of your inner vision by focusing on an imaginary point just above and behind the eyebrows. This is that place where you would normally focus inwardly (usually with eyes closed but not essential) to visualize for example an apple with your creative imagination.
  3. Then take several deep breaths to relax and cast aside the worries of the day.
  4. Next, imagine another person, a pet or a thing that you have love and gratitude for being in your life.
  5. Now begin to sing or chant HU (sounds like the name Hugh sung with puckered lips) as you slowly exhale until the breath runs out. Note: A blind or deaf person can also send this out via their creative imagination once they have how this works explained to them and it will be effective.
  6. Then pause and just silently observe (look and listen) without thinking or trying to make anything happen.
  7. Then chant or send out the HU again in the same way. Do this for maybe ten to fifteen minutes or until you experience the exercise come to a stop on its own.
  8. The feeling of peace and inner warmth often manifest to those who practice this, as well as insight into many enlightening understandings. You may see an inner Light or hear an inner Sound that is always up-lifting.
  9. You will discover as well that you can chant this word silently to yourself when in a public setting and it is just as effective.
  10. For me, many wonders have come into my life utilizing this wondrous ancient name for the source of all life, and it inspires my creative writing, as well as every other area of positive creative endeavor.
  11. You will discover by your own personal exploration and experience how this amazing HU can only contact the very pure place in the center of what you are as a being, and then it connects the real you (not the body) to the one source behind and supporting all life.

     I have discovered that in this way extraordinary unique creative abilities can be awakened. Utilizing the HU daily over time has awakened this creative imaginative faculty within me to write extensively about what I call Hidden Truth Revealing Epic Adventures that directly relate to the topic of this article. Many phenomenal experiences and adventures have come to me over many years practicing this wondrous connective special word. Explored in these stories are also many other inter-connected phenomena events in current and ancient history that are relative to us here on Earth today. A very significant aspect of the deliberately hidden history of Earth and our solar system are also explored, as well as where we are all headed in the days, weeks, months and next years to come. Personal exploration into up-lifting and eye-opening life-transforming events have become an abundant passion for me, and I know there are many others all around the world that are tuning into this within themselves as well.

     Perhaps this article will serve as a positive bridge to ignite or spark your own inner-senses to return to having grand child-like adventures to recall ever so much about what was covertly taken or suppressed within you without your consent or awareness.

     If you choose to, you can courageously go further with your own explorations into uncovering hidden creative potentials, while you journey into the great mysteries of life through your own direct FIRST-HAND experiences.

     As always, I wish you and yours only the very best in life in truth, of necessity, and kindness,

     R. Scott Lemriel

R. S. Lemriel
© Updated December 2, 2021

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