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Article 4 – Life Is Short And Then We Wake Up – Recall True Artistry

     By R. Scott Lemriel

     With kind respectful regards to all of you,

     During the last fifty years, there have been brief periods when film makers and music performers have crafted their art to be inspiring, up-lifting, and even enlightening. This was done with a mysterious edge that can cause some awakening or enlightenment for millions of people worldwide. Currently aspiring professional artists may catch the subtle meaning behind this statement. Then they will really appreciate with open eyes the up-lifting meaning of the universal Spiritual plot themes that are woven like a golden thread through some of the last thirty or more years of numerous block buster epic feature film story structures. Today artists can create visual and sound effects, as well as dynamic original music scores, coupled with aware artist performances that can bring a level of success in this world the likes of which no one has ever witnessed before. We have on touched the tip of the iceberg in this regard.

     It is becoming ever more clear to me every day that the surface hasn’t even been scratched regarding what hidden up-lifting creative potentials remain to surface in human beings. More aware enlightened artists can transform their artistic expressions into co-creative vehicles through which the universal life-force, that sustains all life, may pass through them via the feature film and music businesses. Rare profound events of this nature only occur for the great up-lifting benefit of many millions of fellow beings living on Earth.

     This type of highly successful commercial expression in the feature film business, with its associated music scores and music/artist performances, apparently comes in cycles of increased waves of enlightening energy for just a few brief years. Then this phenomena is overcome by much more superficial, mundane and purely materialistic (for the fast buck) feature film and music projects that actually effect people worldwide in a negative suppressing manner. That is – in a manner which attempts to close down all of the inner faculties that make life fulfilling: awakening to why we exist; and who we are that outlives this one physical lifetime. What our true hidden and unused creative potentials are, and where we are really headed beyond just seventy to one hundred short trips around the sun on planet Earth remains hidden from most people during their lifetime.

     That is why the following metaphor statement suddenly surfaced within myself one day, creating a smile of gentle humor upon my face.

     “Life is short and then you wake-up. Sometimes you wake-up while you’re still alive – if you are very, very fortunate.”

     I now say these two statements aloud to myself and to others daily with some confidence from my own hard-won certain knowing that people all over the world are really starving for more up-lifting and enlightening artistic commercial expressions. They want to awaken in a beneficial way to their own hidden greater creative potential as beings.

     Over the last forty + years I have diligently endeavored to develop very original hidden truth revealing adventure journeys in the form of unique screenplays and related books. The themes woven through them explore higher realities derived from my personal contact and journeys with benevolent extraterrestrials, and numerous out-of-body travels which are completely unknown to most people on Earth. For example, the three books of The Parallel Time Trilogy plausibly resolve – for the first time – some of the greatest mysterious benevolent higher consciousness phenomena experiences human beings have had through the ages, while usually simultaneously having no understanding of what they meant or why they happened.

     I am sure that many dedicated authors can relate to this when I say that during that stretch of time, I have written, rewritten many times, and finally finished a screenplay trilogy quite a few years back with this purpose in mind. Finally, several years ago I completed the great challenge of developing and writing the book trilogy based upon the earlier screenplay trilogy. In May of 2011, I completed my fourth book titled, The Seres Agenda (pronounced like Say-Rays). The final 5th edition of this book with a special techniques section added at the back was published in August, 2015. This is about my true life experiences, from early childhood onward throughout my adult life, with mostly benevolent human extraterrestrials, their advanced Spirituality and technology, and Masterful beings the people of this world, for the most part, do not know existed at any time. More importantly, this eye-opening adventure reveals for the first time what is coming to Earth that will completely transform our planet in profound ways – ways that will be entirely unexpected and unanticipated by everyone. This coming event will neutralize the almost certain destructive direction that the misguided elected and hidden world leaders are heading our world.

     I am personally impassioned and committed to do my part by serving as an example (via my own increasing success in the days, weeks, months and years to come) by inspiring others to go after their own unique creative constructive expression in books, screenplays, feature film production and musical compositions, as well as artistic performances and spiritual enlightenment (recall). New creations will be designed to be commercially bridged to universally uplift others so that their sleeping hidden potentials can awaken. To sum this up – all my combined efforts in co-creative harmony with a vast host of off-world benevolent beings, who are also dedicated to bringing similar positive projects to to the people of planet Earth, will have been worth all the many years of unremitting creative focus and enterprising adventures.

     It is a universal law or principle (known by many through their spiritual adventures and by certain successful business people) that whatever an individual visualizes with consistent passionate clarity, determination, and persistent effort for the great benevolent benefit of all life will eventually come into manifestation – when the time is right.

     With that statement, I send out to each one of you the encouragement to courageously explore deliberately hidden truth within the sanctity of your own being via our own awakening direct knowing experiences. You are wished the very best and highest potentials that may be currently dormant within you, awaiting the right stimulation and creative direction to bring them to the surface and into manifestation.

     After reading this article, if you are a courageous explorer of truth you may want to pay close attention to your dreams at night. You can place a pad and pen or pencil on your bed stand, and endeavor to write down anything you recall upon awakening in the morning. There is real golden truth laced through one’s dreams at night, if one really wishes to understand the importance they can impart. In this way, over time, a conscious bridge can be created that leads to and from where we go when we are out of our bodies at night, while our physical bodies remain in the trance state called sleep. Just image what positive repercussions or changes this can have on one’s perspective about life – the very real possibility of doing away with fear of the unknown altogether.

     May your experiences in life be rich with awareness and fulfillment in name of truth, of necessity, and kindness,

     R. Scott Lemriel

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