Note: In this Article 3 Popular Music Lags Behind Deeper Themes Of The Feature Film Business you may discover, as I did, what the true nature and original meaning of the word ARTIST is all about compared to what is flippantly said often in reference to successful people claiming this distinction today.

Article 3 Popular Music Lags Behind Deeper Themes Of The Feature Film Business

By R. Scott Lemriel

Article 3 Popular Music Lags Behind Deeper Themes Of The Feature Film Business
  Author & International Speaker

     Dear fellow music and feature film lovers on planet Earth,

     Remember the inspiring depth of really good protagonist and antagonist character development (good guys versus bad guys) set against seemingly insurmountable story themes odds like those portrayed in the THE LORD OF THE RINGS feature film trilogy, and the incredible symphonic music scores Howard Shore created to to support them? Look at the benevolent character portrayals that were displayed in the early Star Trek TV series, and later theatrical motion picture releases. Recall the universal Spiritual force in STAR WARS and how John Williams amazing symphonic scores emotionally moved the principle characters to chose in the end right action instead of surrendering to evil. Reflect back on the loving bond between a benevolent non-human alien and and the loving trust of a young human Earth boy in E.T. – The Extraterrestrial? In the Harry Potter books and film series children set the examples of how to choose love and friendship over dominating power over others. This can build good character in children as they grow to adults. Most importantly, many more millions of people worldwide paid for those books, epic films, and ancillary products than ever supported any particular highly successful pop artist or band.

     Imagine for a moment, how the popular music business could take off in a whole new successful direction if more successful artists and their supporting producers & record labels were to promote music that is laced with universal up-lifting spiritual truths. This approach has already long since proven to be incredibly successful in major epic motion pictures – no particular religious denomination, of course, if one wants them to be commercially successful to their greatest up-lifting potential.

     Applied in like manner to the popular commercial music business, this could be a very effective way to inspire people to awaken their greater potentials as human beings. Everyone can relate to them in reflection of some awakening universal truth within themselves in their own unique way. Music does not have to be just about love affairs between people or their animals. It can also be about a passionate love of all life, what is universally behind and supporting it, and the real relationship we can develop with this omnipresent living energy presence, or whatever one may wish to call this.

     Universal truth or that which awakens beings to their mostly unknown and unrealized full potential in their lifetime is freely available everywhere in creation – if we have the inner eyes to see it.

     Up-lifting themes in lyrics and music have often been, for brief periods of time, very successfully put into practice by popular singers, song writers, and music composing artists in the relatively recent past. I will not name the artists or bands that most inspired me because each of you will have your own unique view regarding this. Which past or current artists and or bands purposefully create this up-lifting awakening effect will also be a matter of your own personal viewpoint. In my view, those that consciously work their artistry to be an up-lifting vehicle that can enlighten their fans in an acceptable universal manner are very few indeed.

     If you utilize the mainstream epic film business as an obvious example, you will soon come to realize, as I have, that the greatest artistic success potential has yet to be achieved in the mainstream music business. To reach far loftier heights, various artists, promoters, producers, and record label owners would have to discover more about who they really are that is not the very temporary bodies that we all now wear. Knowing what the purpose of our existence on Earth is actually all about, and where we are actually headed in the grand scheme of things most certainly effects our creative passions in ways too numerous to count in this or any one article.

     What is stated here may cause controversy, but in my view real musical artistry expresses universal truth that can be of real benefit to the greatest number of people worldwide, and not just for those within a particular religious affiliation or denomination. Really great artistry has the potential to inspire each individual, in their own unique way, to spontaneously realize new and more profound expanded states of awareness. Whether or not we like to admit it, deep down we all know we are here on Earth to discover more about who we are that outlives the body, why we exist (our true purpose), and how to unleash the greater creative potential to expand our state of awareness. We endeavor to do this so that we may explore, first-hand, the multidimensional universe to thereby gain a knowing freedom seldom found in any one lifetime. Each of us has the latent potentials to achieve this in this lifetime.

     To me, the original meaning of the word Artist meant that he or she consciously endeavors to work with the universal life-force that supports and sustains all life in order to create excellence in their musical, lyrical, and vocal craft. This is done with the intent to create artistic expressions that uplift, inspire, and awaken within the listener the positive motivation to reach the heights of excellence as human beings they had not previously before thought or imagined was possible.

     Contrary to some current popular thinking and circles of belief, music that can have the effect of positively transforming human beings into much more enlightened states of consciousness can be very commercially successful. It has been for short periods of time in the last forty years or so. However, in my view to this day the surface has not even been scratched. This is actually quite easy to see if one stands back far enough to look at the world around themselves with the open eyes of childlike wonder, filled with the exciting possibility our deepest and most cherished dreams can actually be realized. Passionate creative vision, combined with persistent focused imagination on a beloved creative goal, impresses the universal living force underlying all life to eventually bring it into reality.

     Very original symphonic scores and original artist performed songs associated with major epic films has already reached dynamic up-lifting heights that go way…way…way…beyond anything that has happened at any time in the separate main stream music business. This is certainly true regarding total volume of feature film ticket and ancillary product sales versus the total sales of any popular singer or music group. Yet, we have only begun to touch the surface of the vast depth of this potential that awaits being brought to life in this world through the commercial music business.

     The greatest selling recording artist or band in any music genre today has never come anywhere close in volume (numbers) of record sales that can compare with the many hundreds of millions and even billion of dollars in sales that occur when masses of people worldwide pay to see a single or series of up-lifting epic block buster films with their associated original dynamic music scores. Neither does music business record sales significantly compare in any way with the massive sales of epic feature film D.V.D.’S, related music C.D.’S, books, graphic novels, comic books, ancillary books, toys, and many other products that are spun off of a successful major epic motion picture film or series. The symphonic score and vocal performances that are part of the monumental creative accomplishments of a number of prominent film makers today are an integral part of the highly success phenomena of these feature films.

     Should some really insightful music producers catch on to what is being stated in this article, they would suddenly realize, as I have, that great untapped artistry with unbelievable success potential has yet to be produced and promoted out through the main stream music business to the public.

     All that I am stating here is that we are destined to experience, at some point, the manifestation of various aspects of the main stream music business having the integrity and courage to promote artists and or bands that create lyrics, vocals, musical compositions, and arrangement which embrace enlightening themes. Woven like a golden thread through certain block buster feature films are some of the most noble attainable courageous and positive loving human characteristics. If this approach were undertaken in the main stream music business it would start a brand new phenomenal music success wave in this world.

     This is true, because the yet untapped new potential worldwide music fan base already supports many successful epic feature film or series of films and the unique original music scores that support them. This represents several hundred million more people than the few million people that pay for and support any one top successful musical artist and or band. The epic film fan base already buys what is in those films with their accompanying music scores, as well as a vast amounts of associated ancillary products.

     Then again, if you really want to experience great artistry with music, you can always go see a block buster epic film, and then fully appreciate the massive undertaking and incredible artistry (real passion for music and film) that it takes to create the original music score for them.

     There are great Master composers in music today associated with the film business; but they are not being touted as such in comparison to the way the old classical music composers are still being idolized.

     For now, at the very least, the current music Master composer’s incredible accomplishments can be appreciated by each of us, while we become pleasantly absorbed in a special moment of eternity that lasts throughout the up-lifting music, epic adventure, and classy acting of a really well crafted feature film productions.

     May this article stimulate your own sense of greater destiny as you take a step inside to discover how truly fortunate we are to be alive on Earth today. We have the opportunity to awaken all of our own sleeping potentials, remember who we are at the core of our being, and where we came from before this one lifetime. The lofty heights we have the potential to yet achieve, given the right stimulation and motivation, is on the near luminous horizon.

     You are sincerely wished only the best in truth, of necessity, and kindness,

     R. Scott Lemriel

By: R. S. Lemriel
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