The Parallel Time Trilogy

(Synopsis – Book Three)


This is the fast-paced third epic adventure that secretly revolves around present day Earth.


     After the illuminating experience of their transcended marriage, the newlyweds Kalem and Mayleena arrive on her mysterious home world of Oceana for their honeymoon. Etta and his wife, Din, accompany them to celebrate their second honeymoon on their home planet, and to spend quality time with their two Dren children. All their lives are soon threatened in the midst of their romantic retreat after Sen Dar discovers their secret location through his greatly increasing occult powers.

     Their loving bonds of trusted friendship, and total reliance upon the The Ancient One’s omnipresent Spirit presence, the mysterious inner Light and Sound coming from its highest realm beyond the physical worlds, are all that stand between their survival or complete annihilation and Earth’s destruction.

     Unknown to the masses of humankind around the world today, our planet’s survival is inexorably linked to the ongoing challenge that confronts Kalem, Mayleena, and Etta to stop Sen Dar or perish. They are compelled to race forward through the phenomenal journey to reach the thrilling climax of the trilogy, and Sen Dar’s unexpected destiny that is revealed on the other side of…


R. S. Lemriel
© TXu 62 748
© PAu 835 230

Journey to the center of the universe synopsis - In A Far dimension
Journey To The Center Of The Universe – Synopsis Page

Note: The image on this Journey to the Center of the Universe synopsis page can stimulate the beginning process of recovering a profound recall of what was once known with certainty regarding the true nature of who we really are as beings and the nature of the multidimensional universe. Long forgotten memories will begin to surface every more prominently as you journey through all three books of The Parallel Time Trilogy through the HU, the first creative sound behind and supporting all that exists in the grand multi-dimensional universe.

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