The Phenomenal Visionary Epic Adventure stories are fictional only to the degree that the names of characters and locations of events have been changed to protect the vast majority of innocent human beigns on our planet until after a coming entirely unexpected benevolent, uplifting worldwide transformation event begins to openly takes place on Earth. Lemriel's books, music, and feature film projects are woven with hidden truth that is clearly revealed for the book readers, the Stranger On A Lost Island music CD album listeners, and feature film project explorers. Author R. Scott Lemriel's Video About "The Seres Agenda" and "The Parallel Time Trilogy" truth revealing novels and articles
(Revealing Phenomenal Visionary Epic Adventure Books, Feature Film Projects, And Music)
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                                      Explore Hidden Truth Revealing Phenomenal
           Visionary Epic Adventures By Author R. Scott Lemriel
                   The Seres Agenda and The Parallel Time Trilogy
             (Seres is pronounced Sey-Reys or Say-Rays) © May  2011 - 2014 By R. S. Lemriel

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          Explore the The Seres Agenda, R. Scott Lemriel's just completed very original book about what is actually coming to our planet Earth in the very near future that will completely transform our world.  You can also journey through the adventure of a lifetime by reading     R. S. Lemriel's previously written book and screenplay trilogy referred to as The Parallel Time Trilogy (The Emerald Doorway of The Ancient One, Guardians of The Ancient One, and Journey To The Center of The Universe).   He created this very unique website at: to showcase his original novels, feature film projects, and music for the reader's well-being, while our planet Earth goes through an entirely unexpected and unanticipated wondrous transformation in the very near future, instead of its looming destruction.

The Seres Agenda trade paperback and down-loadable E-book publication date was announced on 01-10-2014. The Emerald Doorway of The Ancient One (Book One of The Parallel Time Trilogy) you will be able to acquire in the near future. Then you will be free to explore this first episode of the up-lifting, eye-opening, and profoundly revealing trilogy adventure by ordering it through this website, at book stores and online retail website stores everywhere.

When asked what creatively motivates Scott's driving passion for this work he replied:

          "I've spent more than 40 years exploring and gaining personal experiences on the subjects that I write about. The three books of The Parallel Time Trilogy story reveal the hidden history of our planet and solar system, as well as the positive and negative forces from off-world operating behind the scenes on Earth today that are competing for the survival or destruction of our world. Everything revealed in these books are based upon numerous personal experience with extraterrestrials and their advanced technology and Spirituality, out-of-body-experiences, explorations along the past and future time-track, and many journeys into parallel and higher dimensional realities throughout this lifetime."

          "My fourth just recently finished book titled The Seres Agenda is a very unique adventure book based on numerous ongoing experiences throughout this lifetime with mostly benevolent human extraterrestrials, and with Masterful beings unknown to most people living on Earth today. The best way that I can state this is to say The Seres Agenda is a HIDDEN TRUTH REVEALING PHENOMENAL VISIONARY EPIC ADVENTURE. The story is fictional only to a degree that the names of characters, and location of events have been changed to protect the innocent on Earth, until after the coming worldwide up-lifting transformation is more formally underway worldwide. Certain universal truths and new creations, that have been brought into existence for the first time during the past several years for the benefit of all life, will directly impact Earth to neutralize its otherwise certain destructive direction. This book is all about an entirely unexpected and unanticipated up-lifting change in creation that has already begun to manifest. Every living thing on Earth will know about this without a shadow of a doubt in the very near future. Weather one knows it know or not, we have many highly evolved friends living on countless world systems among the stars in our Milky Way galaxy, in our nearest galactic neighboring galaxy called Andromeda, as well as in numerous parallel and higher dimensions."

The Seres Agenda new book, and all three books of The Parallel Time Trilogy series titled in order are The Emerald Doorway (of The Ancient One), Guardians of The Ancient One, and Journey To The Center of The Universe were created to wonderfully astonish and benefit the reader.  They do this by providing a surprising experiential doorway to a clear constructive view of the reader's personal, and the world's coming bright future."

Special Note:

May this article stimulate your own sense of a GREATER DESTINY as you step inside unknown territory inside yourself to discover, contrary to all outward appearances, how truly fortunate we are to be alive on Earth today. This is precisely true because of what is coming in the very near future that will be entirely unexpected and unanticipated by almost everyone.  We now have the opportunity to awaken all of our own sleeping potentials, remember who we are, where we came from before this one life on planet Earth, and the lofty heights we have the potential to yet achieve - given the right stimulation.

R. Scott Lemriel is the official Washington, D.C. copyright pseudonym or pen name for R. S. Rochek. You can check out the author's book and screenplay writing talents, and explore his abilities as an original musical composer and performer by further exploration of his website at: You can read more of his up-lifting published articles on other intriguing subjects located on the website by clicking-on the blue glass barrels on the right side of this page.
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