Egyptian Aliens

Signs Ancient Egyptians Were In Contact With Aliens

The Ancient Egyptians were to most people’s views today today a reaming mystifying civilization on planet Earth. Everything about their pyramids, their and their mummified  Pharaohs has some mystery surrounding it.

The Egyptians appeared to have a somewhat higher intellect than other ancient civilizations. Their complex creations have stood the test of time and non-classified scientists still cannot explain how the Egyptians managed to build such extraordinary infrastructure with no apparent access to modern technology. The Egyptian Pyramids were constructed between 2630 BC–2611 BC according to the non-classifed scientists and they have no explanation as to how they made such perfect, absolutely massive pyramid structures without proof of more advanced technology.

The mysteries surrounding the Ancient Egyptians and their inventions have led many to believe that they may have had help from extraterrestrials.

In fact, there are many signs left by Ancient Egyptians themselves that indicate they could have been interacting with alien species.

Take a look at some of these signs:

1) The Pyramids

You don’t have to be a historian to be curious about the Pyramids. How did the Egyptians build them?! The Pyramids are built to perfection along meridians that aling with the entire planet and stars in the heavens.

The design and the structure require skill; to accomplish them without the use of modern technology, seems impossible but the Egyptians built several of them! All across the hot African desert!

The pyramids are made from millions of stone blocks, each of which weighs many tons. Experts believe about 400 men would be required to lift a single block! Even if we were to assume that Egyptians had unbelievable strength, it doesn’t explain how they were able to build the Pyramids with so much precision.

There’s no way to explain it other than accepting the fact that Egyptians may have had access to advanced technology the majority of the populous today is unaware existed.

2) Electricity

Did the Ancient Egyptians really have electricity? Their hieroglyphs show that they may have. Egyptian hieroglyphs are some of the most amazing things left by Egyptians, especially for those who are curious about what they mean.

A hieroglyph that raised curiosity is one that shows men lifting a big object that looks very similar to a modern-day light bulb. Is it a light-bulb? How did the Egyptians discover electricity? Maybe it was introduced to them by extraterrestrials.

3) Hieroglyphs with spaceships

If giant light bulbs weren’t weird enough, some Ancient Egyptians hieroglyphs have images that resemble helicopters and spaceships. Humans didn’t invent flying technology until thousands of years later so how was it that the Ancient Egyptians had imagined it?

Let’s say that we’re interpreting the hieroglyphs incorrectly but the images of helicopters within the hieroglyphs are clear to see. Either the Egyptians were able to see into the future or they were introduced to advanced technology by alien civilizations.

4) The odd mummy

A miniature pyramid was discovered near Senusret II’s pyramid and inside the pyramid was found an oddly shaped mummy. The mummy was discovered by Dr. Victor Lubeck, a former professor from the University of Pennsylvania. The skeleton of the mummy was unlike any human skeleton – probably because it didn’t belong to a human. The face didn’t look like a regular human face. Not only was the skeleton different, it was also buried with unusual, unidentifiable objects.

Governments and scientists haven’t been able to provide explanations behind this peculiar mummy and why it looks so similar to how certain alien types have been revealed by researches into extraterrestrial life and technology..

5) The Pyramids of Giza

What makes the three pyramids of Giza different from other is the fact that they are aligned with the stars in the Orion belt.

Other than being aligned with the stars of Orion, they are also sized according to the amount of light emitted by their corresponding stars. Two of the pyramids are of the exact same size but the third is only half its size. The pyramids are also aligned with the North Magnetic Pole – all of which could be known by any ancient civilization in any non-classifed provable manner.

Aligning the pyramids with Orion and the North Magnetic Pole requires extensive knowledge of math, geometry, astronomy and much more. How did the Ancient Egyptians pull that off?

6) Akhenaten

Ankhenaten was an Ancient Egyptian religious innovator. He converted the Ancient Egyptians from being a polytheistic society to a monotheistic one. The poetry of his time speaks about Akhenaten being visited by strange beings from above, implying that he too may have been one of them.

The idea that Akhenaten was able to transform the views of an entire civilization all by himself seems strange. The Ancient Egyptians were very committed to their faith so how did Akhenaten influence them to this extent?

Many believe he had help from superior alien beings.

7) The Tulli Papyrus

The Ancient Egyptians left behind many great things; papyrus was one of them. The Tulli Papyrus specifically contains numerous images that imply that aliens were interacting with them. The Tulli Papyrus suggests that UFOs were seen during the reign of Thutmosis III – the sixth Pharaoh of the 18th Century.

The Tulli Papyrus describes an event where a ring of fire descended from the sky. The disk shaped objects approached the Earth but then took off.

The Papyrus was discovered by Alberto Tulli, a retired director of the Vatican Museum. He was in charge of the Egyptian section. Tulli died, leaving all his belongings to his brother. A few years later, his brother also died and the Tulli Papyrus mysteriously disappeared – at least that’s what was told to the public.

The papyrus is considered one of the original sources of alien life but it seems to have been taken away by people who don’t want the truth uncovered.

Direct Experience-based Hidden truth researcher, published author, and international speaker, R. Scott Lemriel knows that extraterrestrial beings and very advanced technology exists by his countles direct expereinces with them during this lifetime. He states they have had a major influence on humanity throughout a far more ancinet history than most people could comprehend today. Lemriel’s travels in the multiverse have revealed to him many deliberately hidden truths that the governments of the world are keeping from humanity manly our of a long-standing habbit that officially began after World War II. This too is changing in wondrous new ways.

Through his books, the Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series) along with his radio shows, conference videos and feature film development projects, Lemriel shares his finding with the rest of the humanity on Earth for their uplifting benefit. He endeavors to assist others to recall their forgotten memories of their time with kind extraterrestrial or fellow alien being out among the stars.


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