Non-classified Scientist’s Theories Behind Why They Incorrectly Believe We Haven’t Been Contacted By Aliens

“If aliens exist, why haven’t they contacted us?”

That’s the skeptic’s favorite question and it’s a logical question to ask. If there are other supposedly more advanced beings in the world, why aren’t they interested in finding us the same way we are interested in crossing paths with them?

There are many theories that seek to explain why aliens or extraterrestrials have apparently not  directly contacted the vast majority of human beings on planet Earth, despite the reality that they would indeed be far more technologically advanced.

Before delving into these theories, there are specific ones   that people should become familiar with who want to beyond them to actually know the truth.. These include: Kardashev Scale, Drake’s Equation, Great Filter, and the Wow Signal.

The Kardashev Scale

Since many people around the planet these days have understood the concept that otherworldly creatures likely exist beyond our world that have the capability to travel here across vast stellar distances.,  they also rightly assume that they are more intelligent than us. Of course, published books on the subject, feature films and other media platforms have reinforced this perception.

The Kardashev Scale (just a theory really) measures and compares the technological advancement of a civilization based on the amount of consumable energy it holds. It classes civilizations into three types: Type 1 refers to civilizations that are capable of consuming all the sources of energy on their planet. Humans have not yet learned to use many of available  energy resources; Type 2 civilizations are those that have developed technology that allows them to harness energy from their corresponding suns or stars; Type 3 civilizations are by far the most advanced, as they have the capability of acquiring energy from their entire galaxy – basically they have the power to explore and perhaps colonize many of the planets in their galaxy.

Humans on Earth can be thought of as a Type 2 civilization but only once we learn to harness the Sun’s energy in far more efficient ways. The most advanced beings are those that can in fact colonize the entire galaxy and take advantage of all its energy sources.

Drake’s Equation

Drake’s Equation is a complex mathematical formula used to determine the probability of communicating with a civilization. Drake’s equation forces us to ask complicated questions. Let’s assume there are 1000000000 planets in the universe on which there are Type 2 and Type 3 civilizations. They should be able to use their technology to contact Earth. Since the majority of the citizens of planet Earth have been deliberately kept from knowing extraterrestrials exist by the collective governments (classified beyond TOP SECRET), they erroneously think that no one from outside of Earth has yet contacted us, but does that mean aliens or extraterrestrials don’t exist? Maybe they have contacted certain elite people on Earth – but the vast majority of people have not yet been made aware of it.

Many alien and UFO enthusiasts have repeatedly stated that the world’s governments aren’t revealing the whole truth about extraterrestrial or alien life and the technologically advanced spacecraft they travel in to get to Earth known as UFOs.

The Great Filter Theory

The Great Filter Theory suggests that there is a ‘filtering’ event that occurs in between stage 2 and Type 3 that prevents civilizations from attaining advanced levels of technology.

What is meant by the term ‘filtering’ event? Because this event is so disastrous,  it completely destroys an evolving civilization. Review all the civilizations that have been wiped from the face of  planet during it’s short recorded history – there have  many!

The majority of current inhabitants of planet Earth, do not have  an understanding or any clear idea of what ‘The Great Filter’ is and so it is not known if we’ve moved  past it or not. This is, after all, just someone’s theory and theories like this are not provable as fact in any way. With the way humanity is currently behaving, it would appear to many people that it looks like we should be expecting this totally disastrous event sometime in the near future! According to the exploration experiences into the nature of the grand multi-dimensional creation by direct hidden truth researcher R. Scott Lemriel, this type of disastrous occurrence for planet Earth was recently permanently altered to something entirely unexpected but of great benefit to all life.

The Wow! Signal

In the year 1977, a representative of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) sat in his office monitoring signals. It felt like an ordinary night in the office but then came a signal unlike any other.

It lasted for 72 seconds and sounded exactly like what non-classified scientists assume extraterrestrials signals sound like. Amazed by the signal, the representative scribbled “Wow!” on the paper with the recordings. The signal came from the Sagittarius constellation. SETI responded to the signal many times but to no avail. Nothing of that sort has ever been heard again by the SETI people or by non-classified scientists on Earth.

Even after extensive research and developing more advanced signal detection technologies, these non-classified scientists are still not able to contact aliens or extraterrestrials from other world systems — at least that’s what’s the non-classified public at large worldwide has been told by the media and collective government personnel.

Non-classifed people may not have any solid proof to confirm the existence of extraterrestrials but those few who have the highest classified status most certainly do and there are many signs on Earth that indicate that we have already made contact but officially the public is being told otherwise.

Signs that they exist

  • Ancient sites:Many ancient sites around the Earth consist of signs such as UFO and alien paintings that imply that ancient civilizations were in contact with extraterrestrials  long before modern civilizations walked the planet.
  • The Earth’s unsolved mysteries:The Earth is home to many unsolved mysteries including the Bermuda Triangle and many others that can only be effectively explained by the direct involvement of advanced extraterrestrial beings.
  • All the astronauts that have said it:People across the world have claimed to have alien and UFO encounters but when NASA’s astronauts makes similar claims, it gives everyone’s extraterrestrial contact experiences more credibility for those people who do not yet have direct experiences of their own. NASA’s astronauts are highly educated and credentialed or respectable individuals within our world society and their statements should be explored more deeply.
  • Alien abduction stories:People from all over the globe have given very detailed accounts of being abducted by non-terrestrial or alien beings. What’s more intriguing is that many of the stories share unmistakable similarities.
  • The famous incidents:Throughout the little known short officially recorded history of our planet, many suspicious incidents have taken place that have encouraged more people every day to conclude that aliens or extraterrestrials do exist and have been closer to humans than we have thought or been told. The Roswell incident of 1947 is known as one of the most talked about alien-UFO related incidents. It was also one of the first that led the public to believe that the government was involved in a major cover-up and that a UFO had in fact crash-landed on a Farmer’s farm outside of Roswell, New Mexico.

Direct experience-based hidden truth researcher, published author and international speaker R. Scott Lemriel’s has openly stated for the benefit of others that he has, in fact, travelled through the multi-verse via out-of-body experiences, along the past time track, and had direct contacts with highly evolved kind extraterrestrial human and other beings – he’s made contact with benevolent extraterrestrials. These kind aliens have disclosed to him their past and current interactions with humanity, how they have impacted human life on Earth during a hidden history that dates back more than 50 million years after the dinosaurs were made extinct. .

His adventures further unveiled to him the hidden truth regarding a far more ancient past than is known aboutour planet and ‘Galactic History 101’ out among the stars.  More importantly, his journeys contain highly revealing information about what is coming in our future to transform this planet in quite wondrous unexpected, uplifting new ways.

Through his very visually stimulating books, based entirely on his direct experience-based journeys that some would say read like visually intriguing sci-fi book adventures, The Seres Agenda and  The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series), actually share some of Scott’s personal direct experiences with extraterrestrials, journeys along the past time track, excursions into parallel and higher dimensional realities, as well as visitations to other worlds for the uplifting benefit of his readers.. Discover more hidden truths by obtaining Scott’s books today and be sure to check out his radio-tv shows, conference videos and developing feature film projects for much more enlightening information about extraterrestrials and where the world is really headed now and in the near future at his website


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