Why Humans Should Come To Know That Aliens Or Extraterrestrials Exist

A study conducted by Glocalities found that 46% of their 26,000 respondents said that they believe in the existence or extraterrestrials or aliens.

Around 61% of the participants also said they believe in “some form of life on other planets”. These statistics shouldn’t come as a shock as there is compelling evidence that does suggest aliens could be real.

Since the early 90s, the non-classified scientists have suspected that alien life may be a possibility but because they’ve yet to find the solid proof that numerous classified scientists have long since known, and they haven’t been able to confirm their own theories. Others believe that certain scientists know more than they have led the public to believe and are working with the world’s governments to keep this great truth from humanity.

Non-classified government personnel and scientists may not have confirmed the existence of aliens but there are plenty of signs out there that suggest aliens or extraterrestrials are real and are closer to humans than the vast majority of human beings on Earth presumed.

1) Evidence from centuries ago

In an age of doctored photos, fake videos and conspiracy theories, it’s easy to dismiss new “evidence” that surfaces but engravings and paintings of alien lifeforms and disk-shaped UFOs from centuries ago cannot be written off.

Engravings of aliens and UFOs have been found in the Pyramids and other Ancient Egyptian infrastructure. The Egyptians weren’t the only ones painting images of alien and their spaceships; they can be seen in ancient caves in many different parts of the world including Sanskrit rolls and creations by the Mayans.

Many years later, in the 15th Century, Domenico Ghirlandaio painted “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”. The painting is commonly called the UFO painting. From a far, it looks like any other painting of Virgin Mary but when you take a closer look you’ll see an image of a disk-shaped UFO in the sky. What did the painting imply? Had the artist seen a UFO himself?

How was it that ancient civilizations imagined aliens and UFOs in the same way that some of us do today?

2) Unsolved sightings

There are an uncountable number of UFO sightings across the world that have not been explained.

In 1853, professors and students of Tennessee College witnessed luminous objects soaring above their campus. The incident lasted for about 30 minutes; the students and professors watched these strange objects carefully. They weren’t like anything they had seen. They questioned government authorities after the incident in search of an explanation but got no answer.

After the Tennessee College incident, many other incidents took place. The Roswell incident of 1947 is probably one of the most widely talked about UFO-alien related incidents.

It raised suspicions across the country and it was one of the first times the public pointed fingers at the government for covering up the truth. The government offered a vague explanation as to the incident but most people have never accepted it.

The latest in UFO sightings happened in 2017 and for the first time, the US government confessed that they had invested in a department in the Pentagon that was investigating UFOs and aliens. This again indicates that the government and certain scientists know more than they have disclosed to the rest of us.

3) The astronauts say so

Sure, the regular public can be mistaken but the moment astronauts begin telling their tales of alien encounters, it adds a little more credibility.

Astronauts tend to be intelligent individuals who have knowledge of Earth and space. Some of America’s most celebrated astronauts have claimed to have had their own experiences with UFO encounters.

Famous astronauts Dr. Brian O’Leary, Cady Coleman and Edgar Mitchell have said that they believe in the existence of aliens and have implied that the government can be involved in cover-ups.

Even Buzz Aldrin shared a story of a strange object flying next to them when he was onboard the Apollo 11. The crew initially thought that it was a detached part of the rocket but mission control later found that the odd object was approximately 6000 miles away from them and couldn’t have been part of their rocket.

4) It’s in the government files

For whatever reason, the government always behaves suspiciously when confronted or questioned about UFOs and aliens.Classified

Presidents like Jimmy Carter have released information on classified files related to extraterrestrial encounters; Carter shared details of a personal encounter too. However other Presidents have refused to give access to classified files on the matter. Some Presidents like Bill Clinton, choose to avoid speaking on the subject altogether.

As more evidence is discovered, the public’s doubts about a government cover-up are getting stronger.

5) Life on Earth evolved too fast

The Theory of Evolution has its critics. Scientists themselves are baffled by how rapidly the current species on Earth have evolved. The Earth has existed for 4.5 billion of years. The first evidence of life came from over 3.4 billion years ago – a bacteria referred to as stromatolites. Because stromatolites are such a complex organism, certain scientists believe they may have evolved from an even older species – possibly from an extraterrestrial or off-planet alien source.

The non-classified scientists haven’t been able to offer logical explanations to so many unsolved mysteries of our planet and beyond. Many deeply classified  scientists, on the other hand, are well aware of the truth but they have been ordered to deliberately hide this from the public.

Extraterrestrials have existed all along—it’s clear to see from the evidence found on Earth. Humans beings from every race on Earth today were themselves brought to the planet with the direct involvement of both of benevolent and diabolical or malevolent extraterrestrial stretching back over a vast past not known to people today. Kind but very advanced extraterrestrials have watched over us throughout our existence but they have only intervened when they determine it’s absolutely necessary to avoid worldwide destruction. Humanity has a tendency to be self-destructive and the abuse of power and technology makes it that much easier.

Direct Experience-based hidden truth researcher, published author, and international speaker and author R. Scott Lemriel has many, many years of research on the subject. His own experiences have revealed to him the deliberately hidden truths about our true nature as non-physical beings and our origins out among the stars  that are unknown the vast majority  of humanity on Earth today.

“This is all beginning to change in unexpected uplifting ways for the better for the first time in all the history of the grand multi-dimensional creation,” states R. Scott Lemriel

Scott shares the hidden nature behind extraterrestrials for the benefit of all life on Earth, the true origins of human and other life out among the star sand much more in his books – The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy). You can also access his radio show/tv show interviews, conference videos and snippets of his feature film development work starting with Parallel Time – The Short Movie for much more enlightening information.


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