Chapter Eight



     “General, this is the central Dren city of Onn. Meet Etta.”

     Once again, Harry heard Master Ra Mu’s clear voice, and he was pleasantly stunned to be observing Etta again. This time he now saw him as a most immediately likable being, and he understood his language as if he was speaking perfect English.

     “Listen to me, will ya’?” yelled out Etta, greatly concerned, as a whole group of Drens surrounded him on all sides.

     Harry intuitively realized that Etta was not considered by the other Drens to be a typical adult Dren male. He was fiery, feisty, determined, and downright adventurous to a fault. The other Drens were ready for a battle of wills, and they were angry.

     “Look here, Etta!” chimed in a younger, annoyed female Dren. “I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but you’re the only one of us who is still talking to those arrogant blue-skinned fishy people. I mean, we didn’t ask them to come to our world and colonize so long ago, now did we? No one came right out and said, ‘Say there neighbors from another world, why don’t you come on by, move right in, and take over like you owned the whole damned planet in the first place.’ I sure as hell didn’t tell them that.”

     She looked around, as the large group of twenty or more Drens angrily cheered her on. Shouts could be heard from every side.

     “Monta, you’re right!” yelled a husky angry male Dren.

     “Yeah, throw the bums out!” scowled a raspy voiced female.

     “Send em’ all back to the fishy world they came from, wherever the hell that is!” bellowed out another very agitated female with a squeaky high pitched voice.

     Then Monta added, “And I don’t trust the off-worlders like that Captain Kalem you keep hangin’ around. What happens if this Galactic Alliance he belongs to discovers our world?”

     “Yeah, there goes the neighborhood,” chimed in the husky male Dren.

     “I’ll bet ya’ we’d never have a moments peace after that,” defiantly shot back Monta.

     “Will you all stop this paranoia?” shouted Etta, growing more irritated. “How many times must I say it? Captain Kalem is trustworthy to a fault, and the Galactic Alliance is only benevolent.”

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The Emerald Doorway Three Mystic Crystals (The Parallel Time Trilogy) (Volume 1) by R. Scott Lemriel
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Note #1: This Etta Chapter 8 Excerpt reveals many of Etta’s unique characteristics as a being. He is also courageous and a dedicated loyal friend who would give up his own life to save your life if you befriended him. He is also more lovingly dedicated to his wife and two Dren children than most human parents understand on planet Earth.

Note #2: This Etta Chapter 8 Excerpt also reveals the most outstanding evolved benevolent qualities and loving nature of this non-human extraterrestrial being from the hidden planet of Oceana – located in a slightly higher parallel dimension of our physical universe.

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