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Area 51 (Also Known As S1)– The Theories And Truths Behind The Top Secret Location And What Is Beyond It

People have been suspicious about Area 51 since it was first developed. Area 51 is a highly-classified resource of the US Air Force but it has become notorious for supposed UFO sightings.

Area 51 or S1 is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It was created for the research and development of experimental aircrafts. However, according to conspiracy theories and people with more direct experience, Area 51 is where the government collects all alien and UFO-related information and conducts reverse-engineering top secret research. There are those who state  that it could hold extraterrestrials and remnants of UFOs that have visited Earth.

So what is the truth behind Area 51 and can it really be harboring alien beings?

Visiting Area 51

The famous place is located a mere 80 miles outside of Las Vegas because it is a top secret facility of the military. People cannot visit it, even if they know where it is located. The vast  desert acreage and buildings at the site location are patrolled by armed security with orders to ‘Shoot to kill’ should anyone trespass there without permission, and the entire perimeter is fenced. There are warnings on signs air surveillance patrols the both demand and declare that unauthorized individuals maintain distance from crossing over the borders of this highly restricted area.

Many people have thought that even if the military isn’t working with aliens, they definitely do not yet want the truth behind Area 51 disclosed to the general public.

How Area 51 came to be

It has been a decade since the US dropped Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The US and Russia were in a rough spot. North Korea had invaded South Korea and the US feared Russia was planning a secret attack to further spread its influence in the world.

The U-2 Program

The US sent low-flying jets to Russia with the aim of spying on their developments but these jets were likely shot down and the facts covered up.. As a safer alternative, President Eisenhower gave the green light to the development of the U-2 program.

The new program involved the secret development of high-altitude reconnaissance aircrafts that would safely spy on the Soviet Union. The U-2 program required a secluded location where the military could test and develop aircrafts secretly, thus Area 51 was created.

As soon as the military started testing the aircrafts, reports of UFO sightings in the area increased. According to a CIA report that was fully declassified in 2013, the majority of the UFO sightings were reported by commercial airline pilots, who had no knowledge of the aircrafts being tested.

They also had never witnessed aircrafts fly at such altitudes understandable remained very suspicious about the sightings. Military officials knew exactly what the unidentified aircraft were they were test flying over the deserts of Nevada, but they did not expect to experience themselves other worldy spacecraft buzzing their location when they were testing Earth-based high altitude jets and they were not permitted to disclose any information what they were testing there or the nature of unrequested visits from non-terrestrial spacecraft.  The U-2 program began and ended in the 1950s but was used to develop other experimental aircrafts for many years, while the non-terrestrial craft kept evesdropping on their location.

Aircraft testing

The military and government continue to claim that Area 51 is just an Air Force base yet their determination to keep its operations a secret has compelled others with much more experience with the extraterrestrial issue to look more deeply into the matter to conclude  that there is much more to it.

Just last year, an Air Force Lt Col. flying over the Nevada desert was killed under unexplained circumstances.

His plane crashed but the Pentagon hesitated to identify it. There’s some indication that he could have been flying a highly classified, reverse-engineered anti-gravityh spacecraft made on Earth developed from downed but captured non-terrestrial spaceships. The notion that the Air Force would go to the extent of shooting down one of their own test pilots and experimental spaceships just to keep Area 51 a secret and it is more likely that the experimental craft malfunctioned in such a way that the pilot was killed.

Area 51 and Aliens

Despite the military and the government stating that Area 51 is used for the development of experimental aircrafts repeatedly, they still haven’t silenced alien and UFO enthusiasts.

Here’s why all the theories regarding Area 51’s suspicious activities live on:

  • The aircrafts don’t look normal.According to reports made by the residents of Nevada, the aircrafts seen in the skies of Nevada desert don’t look or act like regular aircrafts. They emit more light and move much faster, often making 90 degree right angle turns  while traveling many thousands of miles an hour  much moreike how we may imagine spacecraft from other worlds to be flown. Military aircrafts do not fly at the speeds some of these unidentified flying objects travel and they certainly do not make 90 degree turns a extremely high speeds or at any speed.
  • The unexplained autopsy video.An autopsy video of an alien was released where IN scientists (supposedly from Area 51) were seen studying the body of an alien body. The corpse of the alien was allegedly taken from the crash site in Roswell in 1947 along with the remains of the UFO in which he made the journey to Earth from but from where?.

The remains of the crash were seen by many witnesses but a few of them have mysteriously  disappeared and the government has failed to provide any explanation for their vanishing act. Alien and UFO enthusiasts have long suspected that the remains of the extraterrestrials and its spacecraft were taken to Area 51 for further investigation.

  • Testimonies from former employees.The theories and those will real experience (those who know) surrounding Area 51 haven’t come out of nowhere –  testimonies from former Area 51 employees have verified the existence of extraterrestrial/alien life and this has added further fuel to this unfolding revelations of hidden truth..

An aerospace engineer by the name of Boyd Bushman worked in Area 51. Bushman was deployed to the Nevada air base for many years. He has shared photographs of what he refers to as “humanoids” who come from foreign soil. He’s also gone on to say that the staff of Area 51 consists of both humans and extraterrestrials!

Another employee of Area 51, a physicist by the name of Bob Lazar claims that he was deployed to the air base for the purpose of reverse engineering remains of alien spacecrafts that had been captured. Lazar says that these UFOs and their contents are being held in a huge vault that lies beneath the base. To disclose more information on Area 51’s operations, Lazar broke his oath to secrecy and shares obscure stories that indicate Area 51 officials are in direct contact with aliens. He has since returned to his former classified status and has remain much aloof about the subject for many years now.

The government only officially admitted to the existence of Area 51 in 2013 (when the CIA files were released). Even though the government has continuously said that it is just an air base, the security measures taken to protect it are unlike that of any other government facility in the world that is now known to exist among the public. There are many more bases not yet known to exist at all by the worldwide citizens of Earth to this day.

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