5 signs of Aliens and UFOs on Earth

The existence of aliens is a never-ending debate. There is some scientific evidence out there that could prove that there are other living beings in Space. But most human beings living on Earth today have been deliberately kept in the dark and they have no explanation as to why they haven’t made their way on to our planet – or have they?

For decades individuals from across the world have come forth claiming that they have encountered extra-terrestrial beings of one kind or another, both benevolent and malevolent (good and bad). However, there is still no solid evidence that is not still highly classified – at least not that most people on Earth are aware exists.

People have long suspected that US Air Force’s air base, Area 51, is used for the study of extra-terrestrial activities. The US Air Force along with several US Presidents have denied that that air-base’s operations have anything to do with aliens but that hasn’t been enough to silence the many theories around it or squash the direct experiences with extraterrestrials that have occurred for many fellow human beings.

Here are 5 signs of aliens and UFOs on Earth:

1) 1976 – Tehran UFO Incident

In the mid 70s, an incident in Tehran left the world confused. Two F-4 Phantom II Jets lost communication as they approached a strange non-terrestrial ship or object in the sky. Military officers were unable to identify the object and it was reported to the president that the object was not terrestrial.

2) The Battle of Los Angeles

Way back in 1942 there was an apparent ‘enemy attack’ that triggered air sirens and an anti-aircraft barrage. However, later on authorities dismissed the incident saying it was a false-alarm. However, leaked photos of the incident show lights and weapons pointed at a UFO in the sky which resembled a mysterious non-terrestrial spacecraft.  Although authorities have denied such claims, UFOlogists believe otherwise.Galactic History

 3) Westall UFO incident

So maybe they can deny that we were visited by aliens in the desert in the midst of the night but how do they explain a UFO sighting by 200 students and teachers in broad daylight?

In Westall, Australia a group of 200 students and teacher claimed to have witnessed a spacecraft in the sky for a full 20 minutes.

Officials state that the flying object was an experimental aircraft but it was never confirmed.

4) Mysterious ancient sites

There are ancient relics placed across Earth such as Stonehenge, the Maoi of Easter Island, the Stones of Balabek and many more that have left scientists baffled. These relics are made of heavy stones weighing hundreds of tons yet they have been stacked on one another and carved to create splendid structures. How ancient civilizations managed such engineering feats remains a mystery causing many to believe that extra-terrestrial forces were involved.

5) The Roswell incident

In July of 1947, an unidentified flying object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The rancher and his son were out checking on their horses when they came across unusual debris. The rancher also discovered a massive gauge in the ground near the debris. A number of previous UFO sightings had occurred during the summer. The rancher reported the incident and handed some of the debris he had collected to the authorities.

Researchers Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle claim that their findings reveal that the military had been tracking a UFO near Roswell for 4 days – one that had crashed 30-40 miles northwest of Roswell.

To know more of the far reaching importance these past incidents hold for all of us and experience-based specifics about what is changing out among the stars and on Earth behind the scenes today for the first time in galactic history for our uplifting benefit check out what R. Scott Lemriel has to reveal in his books and radio shows!


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