In The Sand Daringe Attack Scene, Mayleena flies her anti-gravitic disc over the buried lair of a nearly extinct vegetarian Sand Daringe mother. It rises to attack in defense of its young ones. But Master Ra Mu stops Kalem from killing it, and then harmlessly diverts it with its young to the ocean.

The Sand Daringe Attack Scene
The Sand Daringe Attack Scene

     General Harry Faldwell is also in the distance running over black sand dunes toward this unexpected encounter with the Sand Daringe. This normally timid creature is a vegetarian and it has been know to save human beings from drowning in the sea for countless ages in this close parallel dimension to us on this planet Earth. This is all new to Harry’s experience and when he arrives be their sides out of breath he wants answers and he want them yesterday.

By: R. S. Lemriel
© TXu 62 748
© PAu 835 230
(Library of Congress)

 The Sand Daringe Attack Scene
The Emerald Doorway (Three  Mystic Crystals) book one of         The Parallel Time Trilogy     By R. Scott Lemriel

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