The Parallel Time Trilogy

(Book Two – Synopsis)


This is the fast-paced second epic adventure that secretly revolves around present day Earth.


     This Guardians of The Ancient One synopsis reveals ongoing story elements with Master Ra Mu’s and Master Lumiera’s guided training of Kalem, Mayleena, and Etta. They prepare them to survive, just maybe, when they will one day have to do battle with Sen Dar. Meanwhile, his occult powers keep growing stronger the longer he possesses of any of the three mystic crystals of The Ancient One.

     The President of the United States is compelled to combine secret weapons with Russia to be ready for Sen Dar’s diabolic ongoing attempts to dominate all life on Earth. Sen Dar dangerously alters the challenge when he accidentally discovers the advanced space-faring Zon race located in a parallel dimension on Earth. He swiftly gains complete dominant control over them, and then thrusts Captain Kalem, Etta, Mayleena, General Harry Faldwell and his new wife Senator Judith Cranston into the struggle for Earth’s survival.

     Eventually, several Guardian Adepts are secretly compelled to combine their efforts with Kalem, Mayleena, and Etta to more powerfully focus on the single purpose to stop Sen Dar’s lust for power from destroying Earth as it is today.

     Unknown to the masses of humanity going about daily challenging lives, the continuing battle to determine if we survive or perish on Earth in the very near future inexorably races forward through the phenomenal journey toward the entirely unexpected conclusive destiny that is revealed at the end of…

(Book Three)


Guardians of The Ancient One Synopsis
Guardians of The Ancient One & Journey to the Center of the Universe

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     This Guardians Of The Ancient One Synopsis reveals just the tip of the iceberg. Depths beyond imagination are revealed below this tip in the Guardians of The Ancient One manuscript that is not yet published.

     Join us on this unique up-lifting razor-edged adventure, and experience how all these elements are woven together today around each one of us through the ongoing covert struggle for our world’s survival.

R. S. Lemriel
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