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     The ongoing story behind each of the Guardians of The Ancient One chapter titles for this second book of The Parallel Time Trilogy will uplift and begin to reveal within you ever widening hidden potentials for a transformed enlightened life.

     These intriguing chapter titles reveal more about disclosed hidden truth. Every visitor to this website will discover the depth of deliberately hidden truth that is disclosed in the chapter when they obtain Guardians of The Ancient One book two of The Parallel Time Trilogy after it is officially published.


     When you explore the Guardians of The Ancient One chapter titles and then later the book through the awakening gift of the creative imagination, you will travel more deeply into the awakening changes that Kalem, Mayleena, and Etta go through during a special test designed to awakening their true nature as beings. They are put through this out-of-body test or trial by Master Ra Mu and Master Lumiera and they must each separately successfully pass through it on their own.  Their deepest subconscious fear must be confronted and overcome before they can attempt to confront Sen Dar’s expanding occult powers or Earth as we know it today will be doomed to annihilation.

     This trilogy book series is actually designed to inspire the recall in others about what they once knew regarding the true depth and nature of the multidimensional universe, and their rightful co-creative place within it as eternal energy beings. Human beings are actually spherical individual energy centers that are eternal in nature. This true form of who we all really are cannot be destroyed. This is not the human body that most people relate to as themselves. We did not come into existence from the source behind all life in its image as physical bodies but rather as this true spherical energy form people on Earth call Soul. The most advanced spiritual and technologically evolved extraterrestrial races and their Master teachers call this true energy form of being the Atma.

Note #1: More chapters will be added to expand the story for the benefit of the readers because of changes that took place in the multidimensional universe since the manuscript was written.

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